Egg Korma

Egg Korma – Boiled Eggs In Saucy Gravy

Egg Korma is a sauce based recipe with onions, tomatoes, chilies, and selected whole spices to give the recipe some different taste. Boiled eggs are served with the korma curry which goes well with parathas or naan or any rice recipes. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Red Meat Curry. Ingredients For Egg Korma:-

Mixed Vegetable Kadhi

Mixed Vegetable Kadhi – Gram Flour Gravy With Vegetables

Mixed Vegetable Kadhi is very delicious and nutritious as it is made with roasted gram flour and a mix of vegetables with little tamarind and spiciness of the whole red chili. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Coconut Pineapple Kheer. Ingredients For Mixed Vegetable Kadhi:- Half Cup – Gram Flour Four Tablespoons – Oil Half Teaspoon

Spicy Pasta

Spicy Pasta – Pasta With Masala Gravy

Spicy pasta is very easy to make  delicious recipe with aromatic Indian spices used to enhance the flavor of the spicy pasta. Hope you like the recipe as you did like my previous recipe Vegeterian Dalcha. Ingredients For Spicy Pasta:- One Cup – Pasta One Medium – Tomato Two Teaspoon – Olive Oil Four Cloves – Garlic (finely chopped) Salt

Mushroom Palak Kofta

Mushroom Spinach Kofta – Nutritious Ball With Tomato Gravy

Mushroom spinach kofta is a deep fried ball filled with nutritious mushroom and spinach dipped in a tomato gravy with spices and khoya. As a main course dish, you can serve this as your lunch or dinner. Hope you like this curry recipe as you did like my previous recipe Makhani Dal. Ingredients For Filling:- 250 Grams – Chopped Spinach

Chole Biryani

Chole Biryani – Aromatic Rice With Chickpeas Gravy

Chole Biryani is one of my favorite biryani in veg biryani recipes. Aromatic rice with spices and chickpeas served with veg raita is always mouth watering and fully satisfy your cravings. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Methi Paneer. Ingredients for chole biryani:- Three Tablespoons – Oil One Teaspoon – Caraway Seeds and Coriander

vegetable momos with gravy

Vegetable Momos With Gravy

 Momos with gravy is an Indian version of momos which contains fresh vegetables and coated with chili sauce as gravy. You can skip the gravy part if you want your momos dry. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Chicken Pie. Vegetable Momo (without gravy) Ingredients:- FOR DOUGH One Cup – All-Purpose Flour Two Tablespoons

Fried Okra in Gravy with Steamed Rice

Fried Okra in Gravy with Steamed Rice

Okra Gravy Okra is one of the nutritional plant food and thus we should include it in a routine diet. This vegetable can be cooked in various ways and today lets know one of the delicious recipes. Ingredients:- 500 grams of Okra/Ladyfinger/Gumba/Bhindi 1 tomato 1 onion 1-inch piece of ginger 2-3 garlic cloves 2-3 green cardamom 1 teaspoon each of

Smoked Chicken Curry Recipe

Smoked Chicken Curry Recipe, the tender-cooked chicken pieces are covered in silky yellowish gravy exquisitely. The rich sweetness of cashews & onions is well balanced with the sourness of yoghurt & tomato. The ground spices packs tons of flavours that seep into the chicken. A hint of herb garnish brightens the dish while infusing a welcoming freshness. Smoked chicken curry

Aloo puri recipe

Aloo Puri Recipe | How To Make Aloo Puri

Aloo Puri sounds familiar to you. Puri is beloved in all occasions in India and Aloo puri is just evolved version of classic puri. This Aloo puri is more crispy and delicious and comes with a blended taste of Indian spice. Moreover, Aloo puri is best enjoyed with paneer ki sabji . You will find tips with details including a step by step picture guide. This recipe will assure you to end up with Aloo puri similar as shown in photos. Don’t forget to rate the recipe below.