Thin Pizza Crust recipe

Pizza Crust Recipe | Pizza Recipe | How to Make Pizza

Pizza crust recipe is easy if you have tips and tricks. Pizza is the word which makes everyone’s mouth watering. Have you ever tried to make pizza with thin crust without success? People often faces issues like hard crust, thick crust, chewy, not evenly cooked and many more. This time when you try make sure you follow the tips given …

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Superfoods | Top 10 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life | What Are Superfoods

Superfoods are those foods which have a very high nutritional volume. It means that they can provide a substantial amount of nutrients and very few calories. The Superfoods also contain a high density of minerals, protein, antioxidants, and vitamins. Mostly you will find green leafy vegetables and grass as superfood but wait we have something more, you might came across this foods but …

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Zucchini Fritters |How to make Zucchini Fritters| Zucchini Fritters Recipe

Zucchini Fritters are known as exciting snacks. These fritters are favorite for kids and serve them with sauce or chutneys. Make them crisp as crisp is the love for all. Being excellent, they are very easy to make.  Zucchini Fritters Recipe is very simple with few steps and you will get crispy delicious fritters ready.  With small summary it goes …

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Black Currant And Mint Zucchini Bread

Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread – Yummy Delicious Loaf

Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread is full of incredible flavours combination, soft and fluffy bread loaf. Healthy bread loaf with healthy recipes to make your breakfast healthy. Ingredients For Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread:- One And A Half Cups – Flour Two Large – Eggs One-Fourth Cup – Yogurt One-Third Cup – Olive Oil + For Oiling Too Three-Fourth Cup – Sugar …

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Vegan Enchiladas

Vegan Enchiladas – Delicious And Satisfying Dinner Recipe

Easy to make vegan enchiladas with the filling of black beans, bell peppers, and spices make this delicious, satisfying, and a great dinner recipe. As this recipe is totally plant-based it is healthy and full of nutrition. Ingredients For Vegan Enchiladas Recipe:- One – Red Onion Two Cloves – Garlic(minced) Three  – Bell Peppers(one red, one green, one yellow ) …

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Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole – A Sweet Surprise

A fantastic looking vegan casserole made of sweet potato and pasta baked to perfection and taste too good. Sweet Potato Casserole is a healthy recipe as it is baked and gluten-free. Ingredients For Sweet Potato Casserole:- One Large – Shallot(chopped) One To Two Tablespoons – Extra- Virgin Olive Oil One Heaping Cup – Sweet Potatoes(chopped) Two Cloves – Garlic(minced) 250 …

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