Kadai Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style

Kadai Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style

Are you ready for a delicious treat? But, the chilling winds outside are not letting you step out for dinner. Relax, as we have bought another mouth-watering recipe for you all. Recipe – is it some paneer? Yes, enjoy dining with your friends and family at home by making this amazing recipe. Paneer is one of the favorite food ingredients in

Paneer And Salsa Wraps - Brunch Recipe For Healthy Eating

Paneer And Salsa Wraps – Brunch Recipe For Healthy Eating

Paneer salsa wrap is perfect for any breakfast or lunch or you can make it also as a brunch as it made with lot of vegetables with one dairy Ingredient and takes no much time to prepared. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Methi Paneer. Ingredients:- Half Teaspoon  Roasted Cumin Powder, Red Chilli Powder,

Aloo Paneer Kofta Recipe - Cottage Cheese Fritters

Aloo Paneer Kofta Recipe – Cottage Cheese Fritters

Kofta is an Indian recipe that tastes best with the typical Indian flatbread known as Naan. Also, you can enjoy the kofta with another flatbread that is paratha. This kofta is special as it comes directly from the royal kitchen of India. This dish has a lot of variations that we will be bringing to you in next posts. But

Aloo puri recipe

Aloo Puri Recipe | How To Make Aloo Puri

Aloo Puri sounds familiar to you. Puri is beloved in all occasions in India and Aloo puri is just evolved version of classic puri. This Aloo puri is more crispy and delicious and comes with a blended taste of Indian spice. Moreover, Aloo puri is best enjoyed with paneer ki sabji . You will find tips with details including a step by step picture guide. This recipe will assure you to end up with Aloo puri similar as shown in photos. Don’t forget to rate the recipe below.

Spoiled milk recipe

Spoiled Milk | Homemade Paneer | How to Make Paneer

Spoiled Milk is no longer issue, you can make so many dishes out of it. After your first try I bet you are going to try some more out of these recipes. In India, cottage cheese is one of loved recipes, specially by vegetarians. Cottage cheese have some other name like Paneer. Spoiled Milk is something which occurs most frequently

vegan palak paneer

Easy Palak Paneer | Vegan Palak Paneer | Instant Pot Palak Paneer

Easy Palak Paneer is a quick recipe made with cottage cheese and spinach and well known for the taste as well as health ingredients combination. Vegan Palak Paneer is something which is trendy now days. Here the cottage cheese is replaced with tofu i.e soy milk. Tofu has very high protein along with other nutrients. Furthermore, spinach which has high

tofu bhurji

Tofu Scramble | How to Make Tofu Scramble | Tofu Recipe

Tofu Scramble is also known as Bhurji in Indian. Let’s make it in Indian style tofu recipe. Tofu is scrambled with mashed onion, tomato and spices. Scramble tofu is best replacement of cottage cheese or eggs. It has same amount of protein as in cottage cheese. Cook tofu in new style with Indian taste, with less ingredient and less time


Kunafa Recipe | How to make Kunafa | Vermicelli Knafeh

Kunafa Recipe is known as Queen of Arabic dessert. It is most royal and supreme dessert made up of mozzarella cheese and vermicelli, which gives crisp and crunchy finishing. The Kunafa consist of rose and orange blossom scented sugar syrup and cheesy filling inside.