Vanilla Milkshake | How to make Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla milkshake recipe is classical milkshake recipe. Almost all of us have enjoyed it with childhood memories, in fact still we love to have it all time. Thick vanilla shake with chilled ice cream on top. Garnished with dry fruits or tutti frutti is additional delicacy. Vanilla Milkshake Recipe is very easy milkshake, which anyone could ever make. Also, it

Corn Fritters | How To Make Corn Fritters

Corn Fritters are best and favorite for most of us. This fritters could be either made with frozen corn or baby corn is another best choice. You can have either baked corn fritters if you are health conscious or deep fried fritters. Corn is one of favourite ingredient which all age group enjoys. We have found some unique recipes which

Anda Ghotala | Anda Ghotala Recipe | Egg Recipe

Anda Ghotala Recipe is perfect fusion of eggs, butter, cheese and spices. This gravy is so buttery to resist yourself from eating it. Moreover, its healthy choice in terms of rich source of protein. Let’s try this new egg recipe for egg lovers. Anda Ghotala Recipe is very famous street food of Mumbai. Anda means egg in India. Nowadays, Mumbaikars

Mango Coconut Jelly Recipe | Fruit Jelly

Mango Coconut Jelly Recipe is easy and have limited ingredients with goodness of fruits. You can enjoy the healthy fruits with your loved one on this weekend. Moreover, best plant based recipe one can have without any guilt. You can try multiple variety of fruit dessert from this one recipe. Mango Coconut Jelly is made with coconut water and mango

Vanilla Extract Recipe | How To Make Vanilla Extract | Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract Recipe is easy and made with vanilla beans and ethanol. For giving flavors to recipes Extract is used, mostly for baked recipes. Homemade Vanilla Extract is much pure than one, which we get from market. Vanilla Extract is easily available in market, so we never thought of making it at home. But the purity and taste is highly

Guava Puree | Homemade Guava Puree | Guava Puree For Babies

Guava Puree is readily available in market nowadays as frozen guava puree, but it has preservative in large amount which is not good for health. Guava is easily available and have rich source of vitamin C. It is also well known for babies food, feeding puree help in digestion for small babies and also fulfill the required nutrition value. What

Vegetable Raita Recipe | How To Make Vegetable Raita | Veg Raita

Vegetable Raita Recipe is made with yogurt, finely chopped veggies and some roasted spices. Vegetable Raita is served as side dish in Indian meals. You can use it as side dish with any rice recipes. It is best and quick recipe, if you have yogurt, and want to eat with taste of something salty and spicy. Vegetable raita is basically

Aam Panna Recipe | How To Make Aam Panna | Mango Panna

Aam Panna is refreshing summer drink. Made with raw mangoes, sugar, fresh mint and roasted cumin powder (chat masala). Rejuvenate this summer with this sweet and tangy drink. Its healthy energy drink one can enjoy without worrying about health. Boost your digestion with this drink. Mango in India is know as Aam. So, Aam Panna is mixture of raw mango,

Tofu Scramble | How to Make Tofu Scramble | Tofu Recipe

Tofu Scramble is also known as Bhurji in Indian. Let’s make it in Indian style tofu recipe. Tofu is scrambled with mashed onion, tomato and spices. Scramble tofu is best replacement of cottage cheese or eggs. It has same amount of protein as in cottage cheese. Cook tofu in new style with Indian taste, with less ingredient and less time

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