Coffee Cake – Sweet Little Confection For Loved One

Coffee cake with delicious topping and excellent texture which tastes just too yummmm. A perfect snack for your tea or coffee time, the perfect blend of love and addiction made by you for your loved one. The taste is quite wonderful to refresh you. Coffee Cake Coffee Cake is a simple soft, moist and delicious cake to be served with

Apple Cake With Cinnamon Custard – Soft And Light Cake

Easy apple cake with cinnamon custard which is soft and light served with creamy cinnamon custard to delight your family. Apple Cake With Cinnamon Custard:- WET INGREDIENTS One Cup – Almond Milk Two Tablespoons – Applesauce One Teaspoon – Apple Cider Vinegar One-Third Cup – Sugar One-Fourth Cup – Neutral Oil One Teaspoon – Vanilla Extract Few Drops Almond Extract

Pumpkin Gnocchi – Easy Recipe With Few Ingredients

Pumpkin Gnocchi is very easy and delicious recipe topped with sage butter enough to bring water in your mouth. Ingredients For Pumpkin Gnocchi:- One Medium-Large – Russet Potato One Cup – Pumpkin Puree One And Three-Fourth Cups – All-Purpose Flour One – Egg One Teaspoon – Salt Two Tablespoons – Salted Butter Cheese To Garnish BUTTER SAUCE Two Tablespoons –

Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread – Yummy Delicious Loaf

Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread is full of incredible flavours combination, soft and fluffy bread loaf. Healthy bread loaf with healthy recipes to make your breakfast healthy. Ingredients For Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread:- One And A Half Cups – Flour Two Large – Eggs One-Fourth Cup – Yogurt One-Third Cup – Olive Oil + For Oiling Too Three-Fourth Cup – Sugar

Dhokla – Gluten-Free Vegan Indian Snack | Khaman Dhokla

Dhokla is one of the most favorite snack of Indians. It can be eaten as a breakfast or you can have it as a main dish too. It is light yet delicious recipe to make which is enough to satisfy your tummy. Gujrati dhokla recipe, nutrition wise it is healthy too as it is steamed and make in no time.

Summer Drinks – Drinks To Cool Your Summer

Summer Drinks are a great idea to treat in hot summers. These drinks make you refresh and replenish with fresh ingredients without any alcohol. SUMMER DRINKS  RASPBERRY AND LEMON LEMONADE Ingredients:- Six – Peaches(one extra for garnish) Two Cups – Fresh Raspberries One Cup – Water Two Liters – Cold Water 2 Tablespoons – Agave One Lemon Juice + One

Cauliflower Quinoa Biryani – Delicious Vegan Biryani

Ingredients For Cauliflower Quinoa Biryani:- QUINOA RICE One Cup – Quinoa(dry) One – Green And Black Cardamom Two – Cloves One Inch – Cinnamon Stick One – Bay Leaf One And One-Third  Cups – Water Two-Third Teaspoons – Salt CAULIFLOWER GRAVY Two Teaspoons – Oil Three-Fourth – Red Onion(finely sliced) One – Green Chili(chopped) Half Teaspoon – Cumin Seeds One

Vegan Meatballs – Jackfruit Balls In Tacos

A perfect meat replacement for the vegan lovers. Vegan meatballs is not a real meat but a very good substitute of meat which is jackfruit, using jackfruit in place of meat make this dish more vegetarian. Using gram flour and spices give the recipe a different flavors and aroma. Ingredients For Vegan Meatballs:- JACKFRUIT INGREDIENTS Two Cups – Green Jackfruit(peeled

Spinach Tofu Curry – Vegan Version Of Indian Cuisine

Spinach Tofu Curry is not only best of tofu spinach recipe but also very delicious and creamy version of Indian cuisine palak paneer packed with iron, vitamins, and protein. It’s an excellent dish for the vegan lover or for those who are allergic to dairy products Ingredients For Spinach Tofu Curry:- THINGS TO NEED FOR SPICED TOFU Two Teaspoons –

Samosa Wraps – Amazing Potato Wraps

Easy samosa wraps is like any spring roll recipe with filling of spices mixed with veggies without frying or baking. Fun to make this samosa wraps and it tastes delicious with the mixture of vegetables, chickpeas, and spices to enhance the flavor. Ingredients For Samosa Wraps:- FOR SAMOSAS One Teaspoon – Oil One-fourth Teaspoon – Cumin Seeds And Coriander Seeds

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