Fruit Bread – Fruity Nutritious Loaf

Fruit are rich in antioxidants, it has been a favorite food, and with good reason; they’re tasty, easy to digest, a good source of quick energy, and packed with vitamins and minerals. When it was added to your food it creates a great taste with nutritional benefits.


  • Two and half Cups – Whole Wheat Flour
  • Half Cup – All Purpose Flour
  • Five Tablespoons – Sugar
  • Half Tablespoon – Dry Active Yeast
  • Two Tablespoons – Custard Powder
  • One teaspoon – Salt
  • One Cup – Water
  • Two Tablespoons – Tutti Frutti Gellows
  • Two and a half Tablespoons – Candied Orange Peels(chopped)
  • Four – Cherries (glazed)
  • Four Tablespoons – Olive Oil


  1. In a pan take little water make it warm, add a pinch of sugar, dissolve it. Now mix it in the dry yeast. Keep the yeast mixture in  warm place  for 10 minutes.
  2. In a bowl mix whole wheat flour and all purpose flour with salt, sugar, custard powder, candied Orange peels, tutti frutti, cherries.
  3. Add the yeast mixture, and olive oil.
  4. Knead the mixture into a smooth dough. Add little water if required.
  5. Grease the dough with some oil so that it does not dry out. Keep the dough in the same bowl cover with a kitchen towel for two to two and a half  hours to risen up.
  6. After two to two and a half hours punch the dough and knead lightly.
  7. Grease the loaf tin with some oil.
  8. Shape the dough into a loaf.
  9. Cover the loaf and keep for some other 40-45 minutes, till the loaf risen up again.
  10. Bake the loaf in a preheated oven to 180° C for 45-50 minutes.
  11. After 50 minutes remove the loaf from the oven carefully as it is still hot. Cut into slices.
  12. Serve these fruit bread slices with some coffee or tea.


  • Fruits are rich in antioxidants especially vitamins C and A. They  are also high in polyphenols, phytochemicals with antioxidant properties.
  • Citrus fruits are among the richest sources of vitamin C.
  • Brightly colored fruits are high in beta carotene.
  • More fruits are low in calories and high in fiber, a fact that enhances their appeal to people who are weight conscious.
  • Many are high in potassium, an electrolyte that is essential to maintaining a proper balance of body fluids.


  • Excellent sources of vitamin C, beta carotene, and potassium; lesser amounts of other vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains various polyphenols, which may protect against cancer and other diseases.
  • High in fiber and low in calories.
  • A source of natural sugars that provide quick energy.


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