Guava Juice Recipe – How to Make Guava Juice

Guava is the most common tropical fruit and is widely cultivated in the regions of Mexico, South America, Central America and India of the Asian continent. This fruit is a ball of benefits as it helps you stay healthy and look luscious.

Ingredients For Guava Juice Recipe:

  • 2 red Guava
  • 2 White Guava
  • 1-1.5 teaspoon sugar
  • Black salt to taste
  • Ice
  • 8-10 mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • lemon

Directions For Guava Juice Recipe:

  • Firstly, wash guava fruit nicely and cut them roughly. Now, the important thing is to deseed the fruit. As the seeds spoil the taste and are also not good for our health.
  • Now, add these pieces into the blender and add some sugar, mint leaves and ice. Sugar can be used according to the sweetness of this fruit.
  • Next step is to add some black salt into the blender and give all the ingredients a quick blend.
  • Now open the blender and check if any chucks are remaining. If, yes then give another quick blend. Else, place a bowl on the kitchen platform and place the colander in the bowl.
  • Next step is to pour the juice from the blender into the colander. This process will separate the juice from the seeds if remaining.
  • Now, take a serving glass and place some crushed ice into the glass and pour the juice into it.
  • Now, roast the cumin seeds for few seconds and crush them. You can also use the cumin powder you have in the kitchen. But, the fresh cumin powder gives a refreshing taste and a nice aromatic smell.
  • Sprinkle the cumin powder onto the juice and place a lemon wedge with some mint leaves on the glass rim.
  • Refreshing and healthy Guava juice is ready to serve.

Guava Benefits

Boost Immunity – This fruit is the richest source of vitamin c although it is not a citrus fruit. This tropical fruit contains double the size of vitamin c that is generally found in oranges. Thus, the regular intake of guava strengthens immunity by preventing infections and viral infection.

Reduces Cancer Risk – Today, cancer has become a common type of disease due to polluted air and dust that we inhale every minute. Lycopene and Quercetin compounds of this fruit act as antioxidants and curb the growth of cells responsible for developing cancer.

Beneficial for Diabetic People – The fiber content of this fruit balance sugar in the body when sugar shoots up due to the lack of a low glycaemic index. Regular intake of this tropical fruit keeps diabetes at bay.

Improves Vision – This amazing fruit improves eyesight by providing a good amount of vitamin A to the eyes. You can lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration by adding this tropical fruit in the regular diet.

Good for Pregnant Women-  The folic acid found in guava helps in developing the brain and nervous system of the child. Hence, the expecting mothers must add this fruit to their diet plan.

Guava Health Benefits

Prevents Toothache –  The anti-inflammatory components of this fruit kills bacteria and germs in the mouth. This keeps teeth, gums, and mouth healthy.

Lose Weight – Drink a glass of guava juice to shed those extra kilos. This fruit contains less natural sugar in comparison to other fruits such as apple, oranges, banana, and grapes.

Fight Cold & Cough –  In many parts of the world, people won’t eat this amazingly beneficial fruit during cold and cough. But, this fruit is best to stay away from these two infections. As the iron and vitamin c of this fruit fights infection and keep the body healthy.

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