Fruit Juice For Fitness

Fruit Juice Introduction

We are back with yet another series of yummy recipes. Currently, the weather is taking a change in almost all regions of the world. Hence, it is important to strengthen our immune system. We intake a lot of fresh vegetables and also many people are turning into vegan. But, do you think this much is enough to stay away from diseases? No. is the correct answer. So, here in this series, we are going to focus on fruit juice that improves digestion, blood pressure, skin tone and much more. So, let us begin.

Benefit of Fruit Juice in Alphabetical Order

Apple:- Apples are widely grown in central Asia. Particularly in China and in the northern state of India that is Himachal Pradesh. There is a variety of apples such as green apple, golden apple, red apple and the famous Washington apple. A part from the last one, all other apples are known by their skin color and the last one is known by its locality that is Washington, America. Apple juice acts as a cleanser and cleanse the liver, prevents asthma, lowers cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and also prevent cancer. Also, apples are beneficial for improving digestion.

Banana:- This fruit is a pulpy one. Hence, you can’t squeeze its juice. Therefore you need to mash it with milk or can also make a banana smoothie. Children¬†love this drink and everyone must have a glass of banana smoothie to stay healthy. Banana is a fruit of the herbaceous plant. Banana shake offers vitamins, minerals, fiber, potassium and various other nutrients to the body.

Cranberry Juice:- Cranberry is a fruit of dwarf shrubs This fruit is widely cultivated in three regions of the world. They are northern united states, Canada, and chile. These berries are larger than the size of their leaves and are of bright pink color. A glass of this fruit juice keeps you away from urinary infection, kidney stones, respiratory disorder, diabetics, dental infection and heart disease.

Dragon Fruit:- This fruit is also referred as pitaya fruit or pitahaya fruit. It looks like a dragon in shape and is cultivated in Asia, Southern and Central America. This fruit has a sweet taste and have a bright skin color and is light in color from inside. Add this fruit to your everyday diet and enjoy the nutritional value of calcium, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B, protein, and phosphorus.

Guava:-This is a tropical fruit is cultivated particularly during winters. Guava is widely grown in Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America. Apart from these regions, this fruit is also cultivated in Asian countries. The fruit tastes sweet and is of pink color from inside. The fruit juice of fresh guava’s is best for reducing diabetics, is best for preventing cancer growth, keeps heart healthy and is beneficial for treating constipation.

Pomegranate:- This beautiful red colored fruit is grown on a shrub that comes from the family of Lythraceae. This fruit is round in shape and tastes sweet. The pomegranate is cultivated in both northern and southern hemisphere. Regular intake of this fruit juice lowers the risk of heart disease, improves fertility in both women and men, boost sexual power and increases blood count.




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