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Welcome to the another post of our fruit juice series. In the last post, we talked about the nutritional value of fruit juices. Today we are going to share some really simple and easy to make recipes for you all especially for the fitness freaks. First to go is watermelon juice and here are some of its benefits.

Rich in Vitamins

Watermelon is a tropical fruit and is cultivated across the world. Indian people refer this fruit as a tarbooz. This fruit is red in color from inside and has lot of minerals, potassium, vitamin A, and C.

Contains Water Content

Watermelon contains 95 percent of water and thus it is rich in fiber component also. Hence, the intake of this juice every day improves digestion. Apart from this, you can easily lose weight by drinking a glass full of this juice regularly.

Fights Anti-Ageing Problems

The water content in this fruit helps in skin tightening and also keeps fine lines away. Resulting in a flawless glowing skin. So, add this juice in your routine diet and shine like a star.

Reduce Stress

This fruit is sweet in taste and thus keeps you refresh every time. Regular inclusion of this juice keeps lower the stress level and allows you to enjoy life.

Removes Acne and Pimples

Water is the natural healer for the skin problems and this fruit contains it in large amount. So, allow your body to flush out all the toxic by drinking this juice regularly.


Steps to prepare delicious Watermelon Juice



  • Firstly, cut the watermelon from middle and torn it apart. Now, slit one portion of the fruit and peel the skin. To peel the skin, start from one point and place the knife exactly between the pulp and the skin and move it to the end point.
  • Now, cut this juicy fruit into diced cubes and deseed them. Deseeding is important because the juice can taste sour if the seeds blend.
  • Now, add this diced watermelon into a blender and run it for 4-5 minutes.
  • Now, place a strainer on the colander and pour the juice onto it. This will remove seeds if remained into the fruit and also remove some extra fibers.
  • Now, add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice, some black salt, regular salt, and hand crushed mint leaves into the colander and stir well.
  • Now, take a serving glass and add the crushed iced into it. Pour the watermelon juice in the glass.

Steps to Garnish

  • Decide the glass you want to serve juice in. Now, take a lemon wedge and move it on the rim of the serving glass.
  • The rim becomes sticky so now hold the glass upside down and place it into a plate full of regular salt.
  • Lift the glass within a second and place it in the deep freezer to cool down.
  • Now, remove it when the juice is ready to serve. Pour the juice into the glass and garnish with some mint leaves.
  • Place a sliced lemon on the edge at last.

Next Step

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