Health Benefits of Coffee

People usually sip cups of coffee every day. In fact, most of us love to start day with a cup of strong coffee. The fragrance of this drink make feel refreshed. But, have you ever thought about the health benefits of caffeine?

You must have read a coffee table book at least once in your life. So, today I thought to share the “Coffee Story” with you. Coffee beans travel a long way in the journey of being a brewed drink. That’s not all, even after offering a scuttle taste, strong fragrance and variety of flavours, this drink is often misunderstood. So, today I decided to wake you up with the goodness and medicinal values of coffee.

Each story has an introduction. And so does the “Coffee Story”. Let’s start from the origin of coffee.

Coffee lowers the risk of depression.

Origin & Plantation

Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plant. The plantation of coffee is largely carried out in the tropical South Africa, Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius and Indian Ocean. In the early centuries, coffee was used to be imported from South African nations to across the world. Today, the scenario has changed upside down. Now, more than 70 countries around the globe cultivate and farm coffee plants. Including Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia and India in the maximum number. Coffee is a top agricultural export. In fact, coffee export is the world’s largest legal agricultural export product. The health and medicinal value of coffee has opened number of employment opportunities for the world. As the business of (FTC) Fair Trade Coffee and (OC) Organic Coffee are expanding their wings through international borders. Other than the roasted coffee beans that are dark brown in color is rated top among the most traded agricultural products in the world, has competition from its very own raw form which is green in color.

Coffee’s journey has completed this first phase. The second phase is cultivation. This process starts with the white flower of coffee plant’s transformation into green coffee beans.


Coffee prevents teeth from cavities.

Cultivation of Coffee

Coffee farming begun in the rainy season. Near about 20 coffee seeds are placed in the small hole in a specific area during rains. Although some of them wash away before the germination of seeds. Heavy rains, wet and loose soil is responsible for the wash out. This is a traditional practice of planting coffee.

Today, the human mind combines his knowledge with technology and assess the advantages and disadvantages of their doing. Hence, the easy and hassle free technique of coffee plantation has emerged. Now, coffee seeds are grown in nurseries till they complete the germination process. The process takes six to twelve months to complete. The plant is later shifted in the plantation area. Where it can be cross cultivated with other crops such as corn, beans, and rice. Coffee beans have certain growing conditions that hails between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. This area is commonly referred as coffee belt or bean belt. Coffee has distinct flavors as we all know. But, do you know how many varieties of coffee beans are grown?

There are two types of coffee grown in world. Firstly, C. Arabica and secondly, Robusta Coffee.

C.Arabica is more liked due to its sweet taste. Whereas Robusta coffee tastes bitter. Although, choice of coffee to be sipped is surely an individual choice. I have no say in this. In fact, I also like the Robusta one. As it tastes strong and works as an energy booster. Coffee seeds goes through enormous procedure before blending into a fine powder.


Green beans
The green coffee beans are later dried and roasted to churn it into fine powder

Roasting Process

Usually, the berry plucking is a hand-picking task carried out by huge manpower. But, instead of picking each berry separately, the strip picking procedure comes into act. This procedure includes plucking of coffee strips. The segregation of the ripe and unripe coffee beans is done at later stage.  The next comes dry stage and wet process.

In dry process, berries are hand-picked and in wet process the beans are fermentation. After this, the coffee beans are washed thoroughly with fresh water. The washing separates residue of the fermentation from the beans. Green coffee beans are then separated and are sun dried. Different drying techniques are used in the various countries to get the final product that is coffee powder.


Benefits of Coffee

  1. Fight Against Cancer – According to a research, daily intake of 1 to 3 cups of coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer by more than 20 per cent.
  2. Increase Lifespan– People consuming more than 3 coffee mugs every day stay young at heart. Also, the coffee consumption keeps diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases at bay. As per a recent study, women consuming more than 2 cups of coffee regularly live long and healthier life. Also, they are that minimal risk of dying due to heart attack or any other disease.
  3. Make Retina Healthier– The chlorogenic acid in coffee is an anti-oxidant found that protects retina from damage.
  4. It Prevent Cavities– The habit of drinking coffee protects your teeth from bacteria. The coffee works as a killing agent and removes bacteria from teeth.
  5. Lower the Risk of Diabetes & Alzheimer – Intake of coffee every day reduces the risk of diabetes by more than 5 per cent. Also, caffeine is beneficial to keep Alzheimer disease at bay.
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