Tea Tree Oil Cure Cancer

Tea Tree Oil is used as a beauty project from ages

Tea Tree Oil is a bundle of benefits for skin. This oil has stolen the limelight suddenly. But, still many people don’t know much about this ingredient.  I have bought the inside story of the famous oil just for you.

This ingredient has an Australian history. Yes, you heard it right.

Melalecua is the original name of this oil tree. The tree holds its root in the island country, which is fondly known as the nation down under. 100 years ago, the people availed huge medicinal benefits of this tree. Tea Tree Oil has the properties to heal wound, acne, fungi, and kills bacteria.

The anti-septic properties of this plant have made it known as a ‘medical cabinet’. Also, the Oil takes least time to cure skin problems. Most of the beauty products manufacturing companies make use of this essential oil in shampoo, creams & face wash. The chemical property of this plant makes it light-in weight and travel with air. As a result, the skin absorbs it quickly. The tissues below the skin get the nutrients of this oil through the small pores. These pores are too small & can’t be seen through naked eyes.

A report publish in British Medical Journal states that, “The Tea Tree Oil is a powerful disinfectant & is non-poisonous & gentle.”

The healing properties of this tree got attention during the time of World War II. The wounded Australian soldiers were treated with this oil. In fact, the soldiers use to carry the Tea Tree Oil in their first-aid kit. The shocking revelation about this oil is that it cures skin cancer. Yes, this not so nice smelling tree oil holds the medicinal property protect from one of the most dangerous disease.

Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil

  1.  Heal Acne

Fed up of acne & its scare? Now, use the essential Tea Tree Oil on the affected areas. You will get rid of this problem in short span time. Prepare homemade face pack with tea tree oil with raw honey and rub it on the face. Rinse after few minutes.

  1. Get Healthy Hair

Get healthy & shinny hair. The goodness of Tea Tree Oil erases dandruff and makes the scalp healthy. Mix few drops of this essential oil with aloe vera gel, & coconut milk to get homemade tea tree oil shampoo.

  1.  It kills Bacteria

Clean corners of the house with the disinfectant made from Tea Tree Oil. The powerful antimicrobial properties kill germs & bacteria on the floor.

  1. Act against Eczema

Say goodbye to dry skin, eczema problem & burn marks on the skin. Add one teaspoon of the coconut oil and mix few droplets of tea tree oil along with lavender oil and make body lotion to deal with skin diseases.

  1.  Fight against Fungus

The anti-septic properties fight against the wound & fungus. Apply the oil on the affected area for a month regularly to get best results.

  1. Curb Air-Borne disease

Spry Tea Tree oil in living room, kitchen, and around the curtains and make your home free from air-borne diseases.

  1. Eliminate Body Odor

Tired of using chemical based deodorants? Use body spray that contains Tea Tree Oil essentials. It eradicates body odor.

  1.  Heal Cut & Burn Wound

Tea tree oil act as an ointment on cut & burn wounds. Clean the wound with running water and then apply Tea Tree Oil on the injury.

  1.  Keeps Gum Healthy

This oil essential help you get rid of gum bleeding & other oral diseases. Use toothpaste made from Tea Tree oil and keeps the gums healthy.

  1.  Fights Against Cancer

The Tea Tree Oil holds medical properties and curbs cancer.

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