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Suji Cake | How to make Semolina Cake |Rawa Cake

Suji Cake or Semolina Cake is very light, sweet and spongy recipe. Easy to digest and have goodness of Semolina (suji/rawa). Boost your kids immunity with all-time favorite cake recipe, now with nutrients. Semolina cake is know by various name in India like Suji Cake or Rawa Cake. Cake is all time favorite, either you are young or old. Age

Coffee Cake – Sweet Little Confection For Loved One

Coffee cake with delicious topping and excellent texture which tastes just too yummmm. A perfect snack for your tea or coffee time, the perfect blend of love and addiction made by you for your loved one. The taste is quite wonderful to refresh you. Coffee Cake Coffee Cake is a simple soft, moist and delicious cake to be served with

Apple Cake With Cinnamon Custard – Soft And Light Cake

Easy apple cake with cinnamon custard which is soft and light served with creamy cinnamon custard to delight your family. Apple Cake With Cinnamon Custard:- WET INGREDIENTS One Cup – Almond Milk Two Tablespoons – Applesauce One Teaspoon – Apple Cider Vinegar One-Third Cup – Sugar One-Fourth Cup – Neutral Oil One Teaspoon – Vanilla Extract Few Drops Almond Extract

Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread – Yummy Delicious Loaf

Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread is full of incredible flavours combination, soft and fluffy bread loaf. Healthy bread loaf with healthy recipes to make your breakfast healthy. Ingredients For Black Currant+Mint Zucchini Bread:- One And A Half Cups – Flour Two Large – Eggs One-Fourth Cup – Yogurt One-Third Cup – Olive Oil + For Oiling Too Three-Fourth Cup – Sugar

Pumpkin Gujiyas – Baked And Healthy

Ingredients for Pumpkin Gujiyas:- One Cup – Whole Wheat Flour One Cup – All-Purpose Flour + More For Rolling Out The Dough One-Third Cup – Coconut Oil Half Teaspoon – Salt One-Fourth Teaspoon – Cumin Seeds Half Cup – Water PUMPKIN FILLING One Tablespoon – Coconut Oil One Large – Onion(chopped) Two Cups – Pumpkin(peeled and chopped) One Cup –

Baked Penne With Vegetables – Deliciously Comfort Food

Baked Penne with Vegetables is a super easy full of healthy recipe loaded with fresh vegetables, cheese and butter. You can use vegetables of your choice or depending on what you have in your kitchen and serve your children without any fear as kids also like to eat it. Ingredients For Baked Penne with Vegetables:- Two – Red Peppers (cut

Pumpkin Roll – Easy To Make Dessert

Pumpkin Roll is moist rolled pumpkin cake with creamy cream cheese filling and easy to make dessert which tastes delicious. Ingredients For Pumpkin Roll:- Three-Fourth Cup – Flour One Teaspoon – Baking Powder Two Teaspoon – Cinnamon One Teaspoon – Nutmeg Half Teaspoon – Ginger And Salt Three – Eggs One Cup – Sugar One Cup – Pumpkin Puree One

Lemon Muffins – Moist And Deliciously Lemony

Lemon Muffins are healthy and are great for breakfast recipe full of zesty lemony flavour with organic coconut sugar. These lemon muffins are soft, moist, and gluten-free topped with chia seeds and zesty cream cheese glaze. Ingredients For Lemon Muffins:- One Cup – Almond Milk One Teaspoon – Apple Cider Vinegar One And Three-Fourth Cups – All-Purpose Flour One-Fourth Teaspoon

Lemon Buttermilk Bread – Soft Tangy Loaf

Lemon Buttermilk Bread is soft, moist full of refreshing and the tangy taste of lemon flavour. Perfect teatime serves for your morning or evening tea. Hope you like this recipe of lemon buttermilk bread as you did like my previous recipe Spinach Mushroom Pie. Ingredients For Lemon Buttermilk Bread:- One – Lemon Zest One Cup – Granulated Sugar Two Sticks

Spinach Mushroom Pie – Light And Healthy Meal

Spinach Mushroom Pie is a healthy and light recipe for any meal time. This pie is loaded with healthy ingredients and creamy cheese to satisfy your tummy. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Tandoori Vegetables. Ingredients:- One And A Half Cups – Whole Wheat Flour One-Fourth Teaspoon – Salt And Baking powder Half Cup

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