Vanilla Milkshake | How to make Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla milkshake recipe is classical milkshake recipe. Almost all of us have enjoyed it with childhood memories, in fact still we love to have it all time. Thick vanilla shake with chilled ice cream on top. Garnished with dry fruits or tutti frutti is additional delicacy. Vanilla Milkshake Recipe is very easy milkshake, which anyone could ever make. Also, it

Guava Puree | Homemade Guava Puree | Guava Puree For Babies

Guava Puree is readily available in market nowadays as frozen guava puree, but it has preservative in large amount which is not good for health. Guava is easily available and have rich source of vitamin C. It is also well known for babies food, feeding puree help in digestion for small babies and also fulfill the required nutrition value. What

Aam Panna Recipe | How To Make Aam Panna | Mango Panna

Aam Panna is refreshing summer drink. Made with raw mangoes, sugar, fresh mint and roasted cumin powder (chat masala). Rejuvenate this summer with this sweet and tangy drink. Its healthy energy drink one can enjoy without worrying about health. Boost your digestion with this drink. Mango in India is know as Aam. So, Aam Panna is mixture of raw mango,

Summer Drinks – Drinks To Cool Your Summer

Summer Drinks are a great idea to treat in hot summers. These drinks make you refresh and replenish with fresh ingredients without any alcohol. SUMMER DRINKS  RASPBERRY AND LEMON LEMONADE Ingredients:- Six – Peaches(one extra for garnish) Two Cups – Fresh Raspberries One Cup – Water Two Liters – Cold Water 2 Tablespoons – Agave One Lemon Juice + One

Lassi Recipes – Yogurt Based Drink For Summers

Lassi Is one of the most loved cold drink in India during summer. This drink is a smooth creamy yogurt-based drink originated from the Punjab which is the northern region of India. Lassi will be served chilled topped with some dry fruits. You can make your own lassi with different fruits or with ingredients to make it more delicious. Hope you like this recipe as

6 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Chilly winter season is here!!! Thus, you must have taken out the woollen clothes and are all set to enjoy this chilling season. But, is this much preparation enough to keep you warm? No. The answer is no because your body should feel the warmth from inside. Therefore you must change some of your drinking habits. The people, particularly in

Green Tea and Orange Cooler

Green Tea and Orange Cooler, Drink with minimum ingredients and great in taste with all the benefits of green tea. hope you like this recipe like my previous recipe bread upma Ingredients:- 7 – Green Tea Bags 1/2cup – Agave Nectar 1 – Orange(sliced) Directions Add 4cup water to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat

Green Iced Tea Latte

Green Iced Tea Latte is a healthy drink contains antioxidants-rich properties exists in  green tea. A touch of honey and the whipping cream for just a very slight sweetness, avoiding any processed sugar. Hope you like this latte recipe as you did like my previous recipe of Paneer Stuffed Bun. Ingredients Two Teaspoon – Green Tea Powder Two Cups –

Chocolate Drink With Brandy

Chocolate drink with a hint of brandy is delicious and tastes good when mixed with milk, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, sugar, and other flavorings to make it a divine drink. Ingredients Four Mugs – Milk Half Cup – Dark Cocoa Powder Half Teaspoon – Salt Four Tablespoons – Sugar Two Tablespoons – Vanilla Essence Eight Tablespoons – Brandy One Cup

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