Spoiled milk recipe

Spoiled Milk | Homemade Paneer | How to Make Paneer

Spoiled Milk is no longer issue, you can make so many dishes out of it. After your first try I bet you are going to try some more out of these recipes. In India, cottage cheese is one of loved recipes, specially by vegetarians. Cottage cheese have some other name like Paneer. Spoiled Milk is something which occurs most frequently

vanilla extract recipe

Vanilla Extract Recipe | How To Make Vanilla Extract | Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract Recipe is easy and made with vanilla beans and ethanol. For giving flavors to recipes Extract is used, mostly for baked recipes. Homemade Vanilla Extract is much pure than one, which we get from market. Vanilla Extract is easily available in market, so we never thought of making it at home. But the purity and taste is highly