Smoked Chicken Curry Recipe

Smoked Chicken Curry Recipe, the tender-cooked chicken pieces are covered in silky yellowish gravy exquisitely. The rich sweetness of cashews & onions is well balanced with the sourness of yoghurt & tomato. The ground spices packs tons of flavours that seep into the chicken. A hint of herb garnish brightens the dish while infusing a welcoming freshness. Smoked chicken curry

Dhokla – Gluten-Free Vegan Indian Snack | Khaman Dhokla

Dhokla is one of the most favorite snack of Indians. It can be eaten as a breakfast or you can have it as a main dish too. It is light yet delicious recipe to make which is enough to satisfy your tummy. Gujrati dhokla recipe, nutrition wise it is healthy too as it is steamed and make in no time.

Mixed Vegetable Kadhi – Gram Flour Gravy With Vegetables

Mixed Vegetable Kadhi is very delicious and nutritious as it is made with roasted gram flour and a mix of vegetables with little tamarind and spiciness of the whole red chili. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Coconut Pineapple Kheer. Ingredients For Mixed Vegetable Kadhi:- Half Cup – Gram Flour Four Tablespoons – Oil Half Teaspoon

Masala Bhaat – Authentic Maharastrian Veg Rice

Masala Bhaat is an authentic popular Maharashtrian style vegetable rice with a nice aroma. This is quick and easy to make full of flavors and aroma, an amazing combination of spicy flavors and mouth-watering taste. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Green Tomato Veggie. Ingredients For Masala Bhaat:- One cup – Rice Three Tablespoons –

Coconut Rice – Mildly Sweet Flavored Rice

Coconut Rice is a delicious sweetened coconut rice traditionally made in Maharashtra. It is prepared with fresh coconut, sugar, and some flavors mixed in rice. Hope you like this coconut rice as you did like my previous recipe Tapioca Biryani. Ingredients For Coconut Rice:- One Cup – Rice And Chopped Coconut A Cup Of Sugar One And A Half Cups – Water

Vegetarian Dalcha – Pumpkin Prepared Lentil

Dalcha is a south Indian recipe originated in Hyderabad. Dalcha prepared with Bengal gram pulse along with pumpkin and spices. It can either be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, If making non-vegetarian dalcha you can add meat pieces into the ingredients. We are making here vegetarian dalcha. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Eggplant Biryani. Ingredients

Sprouts Usal

Sprouts usal is an Maharastrian cuisine made with mixed sprouts with spices. We are using sprouts here to give this usal a different taste. Hope you like this recipe of usal as you did like my previous recipe Buttery Pumpkin Soup. Ingredients:- Two Cups – Mixed Sprouts Three Cups – Water Two Tablespoons – Oil Seven Cloves – Garlic, Sliced

Traditional Jhunka Recipe with a Twist

The cool breeze is going on and this makes activates your taste buds. Not only this, you also want to eat something really delicious and warm. Of course, soups are the best thing one can have during the winter season. But, today you are looking for some interesting and innovative recipe to cook. Exactly, jhunka is the thing I have

Sweet Sausage Recipe alias Roti Ke Gulaab Jamun

Sausage is usually made from meat. Most of us have never tried any sweet sausage hence today we have bought a classic Indian recipe named Sweet Sausages. This recipe is made from Indian flatbread known as roti in Hindi is traditionally made from wheat flour. All though you can make roti or Indian Flatbread from multi-grain flour, all-purpose flour, buckwheat

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