Smoked Chicken Curry Recipe

Smoked Chicken Curry Recipe, the tender-cooked chicken pieces are covered in silky yellowish gravy exquisitely. The rich sweetness of cashews & onions is well balanced with the sourness of yoghurt & tomato. The ground spices packs tons of flavours that seep into the chicken. A hint of herb garnish brightens the dish while infusing a welcoming freshness. Smoked chicken curry

Sweet Sausage Recipe alias Roti Ke Gulaab Jamun

Sausage is usually made from meat. Most of us have never tried any sweet sausage hence today we have bought a classic Indian recipe named Sweet Sausages. This recipe is made from Indian flatbread known as roti in Hindi is traditionally made from wheat flour. All though you can make roti or Indian Flatbread from multi-grain flour, all-purpose flour, buckwheat

Banana Kheer Recipe

Banana is widely cultivated across the globe. The regions of Southeast Asia, India, China, and South Africa are famous for producing different types of bananas. Banana is long and curved in shape with multiple color rinds such as green, red and yellow. The green peel indicates fruit’s rawness while yellow color peel denotes the ripeness of this fruit. Banana is rich

Butter Paneer Biryani – Biryani For Lacto Vegetarians

Butter Paneer Biryani is a delicious variety of biryani cooked with aromatic spices along with Basmati rice. Butter make this biryani better and paneer gives the recipe a complete lacto vegetarian touch. Ingredients:- One and a Half Cup – Basmati rice(aged) Two Big – Onion(sliced) One Tablespoon – Oil A salt according to taste MARINATION INGREDIENTS Two Tablespoons – Ghee(Clarified

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