Poha Kheer -Sweet Dish Made With Flattened Rice

Poha Kheer is one of the sweet recipes from South India made from the flattened rice using jaggery and milk. Hope you like this recipe of poha kheer as you did like my previous recipe Beetroot Halwa.


  • One Tablespoon – Ghee
  • Six to Eight – Cashew Nuts (split)
  • Few Sweet Raisins
  • Eight To Ten – Almonds
  • Half Cup – Thick Poha(Flattened Rice)
  • Eight – Cashews
  • Two Tablespoons – Rice flour
  • Two Cups – Milk
  • Half Cup – Jaggery
  • Three Tablespoons – Water
  • Three – Four – Green Cardamom


  1. Add jaggery to a small pot along with three tablespoons water. Melt the jaggery on a low flame.
  2. When jaggery melts and begins to bubble up then set this aside to cool completely.
  3. Heat ghee in a frying pan and fry the cashews and almonds until lightly golden.
  4. Fry the raisins also until they turn plump. set these aside.
  5. Now Fry poha to the pan on a low flame.
  6. Meanwhile, take poha and cashew in a blender to make a fine powder. Skip if using rice flour.
  7. Once the poha begins to smell good, add the powder and fry for another two-three minutes.
  8. Pour milk and begin to cook on a medium heat until the poha turns soft.
  9. Stir often to prevent the milk sticking at the bottom.
  10. In the meanwhile, kheer has thickened as well and the jaggery syrup has to cool down completely.
  11. Add cardamom powder. If using rice flour, stir it in One-fourth cup milk. Make sure there are no lumps.
  12. Add it to the pot. Stir and cook on a medium heat until the kheer turns thick.
  13. Filter the jaggery syrup to the kheer.
  14. Turn off the flame and mix everything well. DO not cook further, take it from the flame.
  15. Garnish with cashews and raisins.
  16. If desired add some ghee as well.
  17. Serve poha kheer hot or cold as you like.


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