Easy tricks to cure holi hangover

How to Get Rid of Bhang Hangover?

Holi is the festival of colors, fun & lip smacking recipes. But, what if you have drink too much of the thandai? The hangover next morning won’t allow you to stand. So, I have decided to help you get out of this situation. Follow simple tricks to get instant relief from bhang.

What is bhang made of?

Bhang is a mix made of cannabis. The buds & leaves of cannabis are mixed with milk, dry fruits, & other spices. This powder can be prepared in the liquid form or it can also be added dry to make various delicacies. The mix contains chemicals that intoxicate the brain. Excess intake of the bhang results headache and vomiting.

Gofooddy has bough the list of food that proves beneficial to curb hangover of bhang.

Herbal tea does the the magic

You might not be a fitness freak, but a cup of herbal tea can do wonders for you. Cut the rose flavored herbal tea & drink it in one shot. You will definitely feel better in fact you will be perfectly alright.

Oranges can make you look fresh

Bite in yummy tangy oranges or any other fiber rich fruit to get rid of the bhang hangover. Apple, raspberries, figs, kiwi & several fiber rich fruits can save from getting embarrassed due to bhang overdose.

Lemon the life saving fruit

Drink lie juice to rejuvenate the body system. This vitamin C rich fruit encapsulates in the body & flush out the harmful toxins from the body. The tangy flavor of lemon makes the person feel refreshed as well.

Drink water more than any other liquid

Water keeps body hydrated & release destructive toxins out of the body. Drink glasses of water at regular intervals to keep the body fresh.

Stop consuming tea/coffee

Tea/coffee contains high quantity of caffeine. Which is injurious to health especially when you are suffering from overdose of bhang? Completely stop the intake of caffeine to get instant relief from bhang hangover.

Go into sleep mode

Undisturbed sleep helps mind & body to relax. Sleep in low lightens room with zero disturbances. This cure headache & make the person feel refreshed.

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