Lemon Tongue Twister


  • 1 litre Vodka
  • 31/2 cups of Water
  • 10 Lemons
  • 3 cups Sugar


Step 1

Firstly, wash all the lemons with lukewarm water and wipe them with a soft cloth. Peel off the lemon zest and keep the lemons aside.

Step 2

Add 700 ml of vodka in a jar and add the lemon zest to it. Put lid on the pitcher for near about twenty days at the room temperature. Place the jar in a cool and dark room.

Step 3

Switch on the flame and add sugar with boiling water for near about five minutes. Turn off the heat when the mixture forms into the sugar syrup. Rest the syrup for ten –fifteen minutes and add it to the pitcher than contain vodka. Keep the mix in the dark place for a couple of days.

Banana a basket of health benefits

Step 4

After a few hours, separate the drink with the help of a strainer.

Step 5

Set drink in serving glasses and put them into the freezer. Serve the drink once it is set.

Tip:- Tastes best when frozen. You can also keep the drink in the fridge to chill. Garnish the drink with lemon zest ring & mint leaves at on the rim of the glasses.

Know Healthy Secrets of Lemon

This drink sets the mood for the party. Serve the lemon drink to your guests & enjoy the praise for your culinary skills. I would like to share benefits of lemon with you.

Lemon is good for digestion and works as a mouth freshener.

Include this yellow colored fruit in everyday life & say goodbye to the unwanted weight. Also, the fresh limes keep you away from problems such as:-

  • Formation of kidney stones.
  • Keeps gums and teeth healthy.
  • Heals skin pigmentation, dark circles & dark spots.
  • Manage blood pressure& reduce the chance of constipation.
  • Fight throat infection & provides instant relief from cold & cough.

Strengthens Hair & Scalp

The Citrus and Vitamin C properties of lemon make the hair dandruff free. Apply lime juice into the scalp to get shinny & healthy hairs.

Heal Cracks

Apply lemon juice to crack foot heals. Regular massage of the juice on the palms & foot gives relief from hardness. Get a flawless & glossy skin with use of lemon every day.

In the next blog I will reveal the “Benefits of Banana”. So, keep visiting the blog.

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