Turmeric – Get A Golden Glow This Season

Festivities begin at home

Holi festival is around the corner & most of the households in India starting preparing yummy dishes. But, have you noticed a special ingredient in the kitchen? No. then let me introduce you with turmeric, also known as haldi in India. Apart from offering taste & color to the dishes, this food ingredient is useful to combat skin & hair problems.

Yes, the 300 medicinal values of this plant make it a quick remedy for health & skin issues. The turmeric also holds religious significance in India. Hence it is used to mark the beginning of every auspicious occasion in the families. This Holi don’t just taste mouth-watering delicacies, rather go out and enjoy the festival of colors.

How to keep skin protected from harmful colors?

Harmful colors, dust & pollution in the air make the skin dirty. The dirt makes the skin dull & acne prone. But, this Holi flaunt flawless skin with these home remedies.

  1. Turmeric Mask

The anti-bacterial properties of the turmeric (haldi) fight with acne & pimple. The mask removes scares & pigmentation from the skin. Regular use of this haldi mask adds glitters to the skin.

  1. Turmeric Scrub

Rub off the harmful color from your skin by using this scrub. Mix chick pea flour & turmeric to make the scrub. Gently rub the skin for five to ten minutes & wash the face with cold water.

Embarrassed of cracked heels, Use Turmeric to cure?

Festivity means fun, masti & roaming around. But, are you still hiding inside the house? Oh! Your crack heels are making you embarrassed in public. Not anymore. Because I have bought a home made solution to heel your cracks.

  1. Mix three tablespoons of turmeric powder with few drops of coconut oil. Make a paste & apply it on the crack. Let the paste dry for ten-fifteen minutes. Wash your heels with cold water& pat dry.

Include this practice in your daily routine & showcase your feather touch heels to the world.

Want to play Holi, but allergic problems stop you from doing so?

The dust particles in the air get inside our body with breath and cause infection. Whereas some colors leave patchy & itchy skin. Turmeric which is also referred as the golden goddess of the kitchen have anti-septic properties that help you fight allergy.  Here are the ways to combat allergic issues caused due to harmful colors during Holi.

  1. Mix turmeric (haldi) with milk and form paste. Apply this paste on the affected area & rest for 15 minutes. Wash with running water & pat dry.
  2. Use the fine paste of turmeric & gram flour to get rid of patchy skin. This paste also offers relief from itchy skin.

How to protect hairs from damage?

Dust & chemical colors both can damage the hairs at large. People usually cover head with cloth for protection. But, this method is completely wrong. As the cloth absorbs all the dust in air & the dust reaches the scalp by the time you go for a shower. Try these tricks to protect hairs from damage.

  1. Apply paste of turmeric mixed with olive oil. Massage scalp with the pack & let the hairs rest for 20 minutes. Apply shampoo & wash.

This process keeps dandruff away from your scalp.  Also the paste strengthens your hairs. Curcumin property of Turmeric prevents hair fall.

Enjoy dishes made from turmeric & use the ingredient to get a glowing skin.

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