Buckwheat Flat Bread

Buckwheat parathas are high in protein and fiber which gives energy during fasting. It’s also gluten-free so low in calories.


  • Two Cups – kuttu ka aata(Buckwheat Flour)
  • One – Large Potato
  • One Tablespoon – Coriander Leaves(chopped)
  • One – Green Chilli(finely chopped)
  •  Rock salt as required
  • Warm water as required
  • Ghee as required


  1. Boil the potato till it completely cooked. Peel and mash the potato when still warm.
  2. In a bowl take buckwheat flour, mashed potato, rock salt, green chopped chilli, coriander leaves.
  3. Add little water and start to knead. Keep on adding little  parts of water and knead a dough. Don’t make it too moist otherwise you won’t be able to knead paratha.
  4. Take a clean, moist cotton cloth.
  5. Take a medium sized ball and placed on the cloth. Fold the cloth and roll the dough ball with a rolling-pin .
  6. Make round paratha by rotating the folded cotton cloth. The paratha should be rolled slightly thick.
  7. Remove cotton cloth from the rolled paratha.
  8. Heat a non-stick  tawa. Placed the rolled paratha on the tawa by gently removing the cotton cloth.
  9. When one side is slightly cooked, flip it and cook the other side.
  10. Apply ghee on top and flip it again to cook for few minutes. Meanwhile apply ghee on the other side on top.
  11. Few more flips untill the paratha have brown patches.
  12. Make all parathas this way.
  13. Serve kuttu ke aate ka paratha with any fasting vegetable dishes or yogurt.



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