7 Reasons to Avoid Ajinomoto

Ajinomoto is also known as monosodium glutamate. This ingredient is a silent killer and pushes human towards death steadily. Today, most of us people intake packaged food as we need to juggle between home and office. The maximum number of packet food we buy contains this harmful ingredient named Ajinomoto. have a look at various side effects of this ingredient.

Side-Effects of Ajinomoto

Headache –  Regular intake of this ingredient leaves a bad impact on the brain which causes a headache. Also, this problem can become more serious and result in a migraine. Therefore, avoid eating packet food and keep the mind healthy.

Damage Nervous System –  This system keeps the body active and running. But, the daily inclusion of Ajinomoto in your diet can damage this system. You sometimes feel drowsiness and sensations around the neck area. These problems arise due to excess of this harmful ingredient in your body. Thus, try eating fresh fruit and salad instead of packet food.

Heart Problem – Problem to any part of the body reflects onto the heart. Those biting into package food must feel chest pain, congestion in the chest and fluctuating heartbeats. These health issues occur due to continuous intake of this harmful ingredient.

Harmful for Pregnant Women and Infants – Ajinomoto is injurious to health and thus pregnant women must not intake any food that contains this ingredient. Also, mothers should avoid this product if they are breastfeeding.

Infertility –  Stop the inclusion of products that have Ajinomoto as they disturb the placental barrier of food to the child in the womb. Also, it affects the nervous system of unborn.

Insomnia – This ingredient has many side-effects and one of them is sleeping disorder. The bad effect this ingredient leaves on the brain and nervous system break the sleeping routine and results in the sleepless night.

Increase Obesity –  Working out to lose weight? But, the inclusion of this harmful ingredient in your diet is making your pain go in vain. As the leptin hormone lose its balance and you start adding a huge amount of food to the stomach which results in obesity.



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