Banana a basket of health benefits

Bulk benefits of banana

kela as it popularly known is found across the globe. This natural superfood is a part of almost every cuisine. Some people like banana in form of shake & desert, while some love to spice up the raw banana. Indians enjoy this eating this fruit in both forms. Down south, people enjoy banana wafers made from the fruit with the green color peel, while some like the taste of ripe banana in payassam.

We eat banana according to our taste & its appearance. But, have you ever thought about the nutritional value this fruit offers? If, not then today you must go through this article. Scroll down the article & know what more has to offer apart from its tempting taste.

Breakfast is the correct time to intake banana

Before moving to its benefits let me tell you, morning is the best time to bite in this yummy fruit. The reason behind including this off-white colored fruit in the breakfast is its fiber components. The high dietary fibers slow down the digestion process and keep the stomach full for a long duration. Inclusion of this superfood in breakfast is fine, but how to pick the correct banana?

Choose banana wisely

Be cautious while buying banana. The fruit with bright yellow colored clear peel looks good, but won’t provide any nutritional values. In fact, the banana with dull yellow in color with dark spots improves immune system.

These highly ripen bananas have Tumor Necrosis Factor [TNF] that weakens the growth of abnormal cells. This fruit is popular as kela in India.

Heath benefits of banana

The zero fat, least cholesterol, one mg salt, 12 gm sugar & three hundred plus potassium properties make this fruit a power pack capsule. Which can keep human strong from inside & beautiful from outside.

Maintains a high energy level

Banana comprises of soluble & insoluble dietary fiber. The soluble fiber lowers down the digestion system & keeps the stomach filled. Intake of this fruit won’t let you starve. Hence, doctors also suggest to eat bananas in breakfast.

Banana keeps the heart healthy

Regular inclusion of this off-white colored  increase dietary fiber the body. The high fiber content reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease & CHD[ Coronory Heart Disease].

Resolves digestion problem

The tangy aka the sweet & sour taste of banana stimulates acids in body & improves the metabolism process.

Mine of nutritional value

Banana is loaded with vitamins, mineral, potassium, calcium, B6, manganese, magnesium & iron. These nutritional properties make body healthy from inside & beautiful from outside.

Maintains blood pressure

The salt property of this fruit is beneficial for maintaining blood pressure in the human body. Those suffering from low blood pressure must eat two bananas every day.


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