5 Best Blood Purifying Foods

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Hey people, I was away from the blog due to some work commitments. I had a hectic schedule these days. While, working continuously, one thought that struck me was that my body was continually running, even when I felt tired? How can this happen? This was a big question and my brain gave me the answer within a second. That was ‘Blood’. Blood keeps the man alive. The proper flow of blood in the human body makes the person a healthy human. Thus, it is our responsibility to maintain the quality of blood running inside us.

There is a medical way of blood generation and running in the body. But, as we take care of our health, we must eat food that can purify the blood. So, today I have bought a handful of foods that will help you clean the second important thing after water and that is blood.


This South Mexican fruit is the best source for blood purification. The green colored peel and butter-smooth texture of the fruit makes it one of the most liked fruit in the world. The fruit is a nutritional bag that carries Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Viatmin E and Vitamin K. Other than vitamins, avocado also contains carotenoids, potassium, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Blueberries – Jamun

The fruit is known as Jamun in India and is harvested during the rainy season. The fruit taste sweet and is rich in indigo-color. The lush green colored leaves of the tree, protects the fruit from birds. Although, the light weighted-fruit drops down with a strong windfall.

The fruit comes from the family of Cyanococcus and have soul sisters such as red berries, black berries and raspberries. The dietary mineral  manganese, dietary fiber, low calorie content and Vitamin K allow the purification process of blood in the body.


This citrus fruit acts as a cleaning agent and flush out the harmful toxins from the body. The vitamin c nutrient in the body turns the harmful chemicals into alkalis and show them a way out through urine. We suggest people to drink lukewarm water with few lemon drops. This clears bloods and keep the body fit.


There is a famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Believe in this saying and make apple a regular food in your diet. The soluble fat in this fruit makes digestion easier and cleanup the blood. The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrirents in this fruit lowers bad cholesterol and purifies blood.


This sweet smelling leafy vegetable is high on nutritional values. The vegetable push away the mercury content from the body and release the metallic acids of the body and keeps a person healthy.

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