7 Amazing Food for Weight Loss

Weight loss is the first thing in the list, especially after festivity. Now, at Deepawali aka Diwali season is over we all are back to work. But, with some extra weight. So, have you start running or still having the festive hangover?

If, yes then this post is definitely for you. As today, we have bought a list of food that will help you get back in shape without running or sweating in the gym.

Best Food for Weight Loss

Leafy vegetable –  Winters are ringing around the corner and people, particularly in northern India have started feeling the chill. So, grab the fresh bunch of green leafy vegetables as they contain huge nutritional values. These vegetables correct eye vision, prevent heartache risk and most importantly these vegetables help you lose the extra calories you have put on during the festive time.

Boiled/Mashed Potatoes –  Potatoes, as we know, are high in carbohydrates and starch. But, having a bowl of boiled mashed potatoes can help you lose weight in a week. The boiling the process removes the starch and carbohydrates from the ingredients and make the king of vegetables more healthy and tasty.

Soups – Human body is made from 95 percent of water and water is anyways good for health. So, why drink it clear. Rather intake some delicious tomato or mix vegetable soup for once a day and say goodbye to the extra weight you have put on. Also, you can have any soup of your choice. Avoid adding cream to the soup as it won’t help you in weight loss, rather it will add some more of the calories.

Nuts-  Nuts are the favourites of mostly everyone. But, don’t grab a handful of them. Keep munching them in between the day and watch the difference in a week. All the nuts are good for health as they improve, metabolism and keeps the digestive system clear.

Amazing Food for Weight Loss

Fruits – Those biting in an apple a day, really stay away from the doctor. As the fruits have natural sugar and fibre content. This fibre content allows us to chew the fruit and it takes some time to digest. The whole process controls sugar from getting quickly diluted into the blood. Therefore, add more fruits to your diet and get back in shape in the least possible time.

Whole Grains – This food category includes wheat, barley,oats and few others. You can also add overnight soaked sprouts to your breakfast every day. These grains contain protein and other nutritional values that keep body healthy and helps in weight loss.

Chilli Pepper – Add red chillies, black peppercorns or chilli flakes to your diet. This is the best ingredient for weight loss. The capsaicin content in chillies burns fat more quickly than any other food. Hence, add these hot chillies to your food and have both delicious food and slim fit body.

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