Five Amazing Health Benefits of Garam Masala

The winter season is on and you must also bite into the food that keeps the body war. Thus, adding the garam masala into your meal is best to keep you going in this chilling weather. But, you don’t like its smell? Or don’t know how to make use it? Well. Whatever the case may be. Our suggestion is to make fresh garam masala powder at home and to use it every day during the winter season. Although, avoid using this ingredient during summers as it includes many substances that warms the body from inside. But, don’t skip adding garam masala to your routine meal this winter season.

Health Benefits of Garam Masala

Improves Oral Health – People are always cautious about bad breath and other oral health issues. Thus adding a teaspoon of this ingredient keeps you away from gum problems, bad breath and toothache. As the omega 6 and calcium keeps bacteria at bay.

Keep Body Fit – Most of us do regular exercise and yoga to keep up the fitness. But, our routine collapse due to the chilling winds. In this case, spice up your food by sprinkling a small amount of this spicy powder. As it contains various elements such as vitamin, antioxidants, fatty acids and the natural oils. All these prove beneficial to keep the body healthy and fit.

Lower Cholesterol – Our body contains two type of cholesterol. One is good cholesterol and other is the bad cholesterol. The cloves and cinnamon stick in this spicy mixture contains nutritional values. That protects the increase of bad cholesterol in the human body.

Anti-Ageing – Have a glowing younger looking skin by adding the garam masala to your diet this winter. The natural oil extract from the ingredients of this powder helps in the tightening of the skin, removal of dark spots and erase fine lines at makes you look old.

Keeps Digestive System Proper – Offer a new zest for life to yourself. In fact, review your taste buds by including a small amount of this powder into your food. This spicy mixture clears the stomach issues and keeps the digestive system fit to gorge on your favourite food.

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