Health Benefits of Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf aka pan ke patte is what is known as in India. These leaves hold holistic as well as cultural importance in India. As India, is all soaked in the festive season, people are busy buying fresh betel leaves for holy ceremony [Puja].

Apart from this, senior citizens and other age grouped people also bite into these leaves as they love its taste. But, still, there are many who prefer to stay away from these nutritional leaves. So, today on the auspicious day of Deepawali the festival of lights we have brought the health benefits of betel leaves.

Health Benefits of Betel Leaf

Lower Gastric Pain – Stomach problems are common during the festive season as we bite into lots of food. Overeating results in gastric pain. This pain effects badly on health as one can have heartache due to this. Have a betel leaf with edible lime water and Catechu  [Katha] with few betel nuts and get rid of the gastric problem.

Get Rid of Respiratory Problems – Its, the time of year for season change. India is welcoming winters while celebrating the festival of lights. Hence, the dryness in air results in cold and cough resulting in respiratory problems. Thus, eating a betel leaf post-dinner is best to keep your immune system strong.

Get Relief from Back Pain – Diwali alias deepawali means, cleaning tasks are must for everyone in India. Lots of preparations and cleaning task results in back pain. But, chewing this green leaf can help you stay away from back pain.

Improves Concentration –  Office work during the festive time is not something we wish to skip. But, it’s not possible for everyone. Hence, it results in less concentration. So, bite into this nutritional leaf after dinner every night and keep your focus on work and keep your festive spirit high.

Cure Headache –  A headache is the common problem people suffer from. Hence, we must take a natural way to cure it. Chew betel leaves every day as its cooling and analgesic properties keep the nervous system health and won’t allow a headache to trouble you.

Fights Indigestion – Biting into oily food during the festive time? Don’t worry. Simply have this fresh green leaf once a day particularly after dinner and stay away from digestive problems.

Beneficial for Oral Health – These leaves consist of huge nutritional values. Regular addition of these leaves into your life as a mouth fresher keeps you away from oral health problems. These leaves prevent a toothache, bad breath and gum problems.

 Next Step

Stay healthy with the benefits of betel leaves and enjoy the festival of lights with full zest. Keep visiting us for more food trivia, recipes and health benefits. Till then, “Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.”

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