Health Benefits of Tomatoes

I am hosting a party tomorrow and one tomato rolled out of my basket. While trying to grab that one tomato I realized that many nutritional values it holds. Also, a lot of people face the problem to pick the fresh tomatoes out of the bunch at a vegetable market. This post uncovers various health benefit of tomatoes and also gives the tricks to pick fresh and a healthy tomato.

Tomatoes For Health

Health Benefits of Tomato for Skin

  1. Tomato Cleanses Skin – This vegetable has vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K that with the acidity component of the tomatoes fight the acne. The tomato cleanses the open pores and allows the skin to flush out acne infection, fungus, and dirt from the skin.
  2. Tomato Prevent Oiliness –  Get rid of the oily skin. Squeeze the tomatoes and mix its juice with the cucumber juice. Dip a cotton ball into this mixed juice and apply on the face daily. This will remove the excessive oiliness from the skin and make you shine with a healthy skin.
  3. Tomato Fights Sunburn – Enlighten skin and bring the skin temperature down.  Hence, make the seedless tomato paste and mix it well it plain yogurt. Apply this mask on the face for 25-minutes and rinse face with cold water. It will help you fight sunburn and suntan.

Health Benefits For Digestion

  1. The weak digestive system incorporates liver infection, stomach infection, an increase of bad cholesterol and various other diseases. Hence, you must intake at least two tomatoes daily. This will strengthen the digestive system will keep diseases at bay.
  2. This vegetable is rich in vitamin and contains fibers. This quality prevents constipation problem and allows the stool to be regular and easy to pass.
  3. This vegetable is rich in folate and is the best food to lower the risk of colon cancer in human body.

 Increases Bone Density

  1. Bones form the structure of the human body, therefore it is important to take care of them. The nutritional value of the tomatoes prevents bone weakness and fatigue problems.
  2. Women must add this vegetable to their diet as the tomatoes are rich in lycopene which keeps the bone strong and decreases the risk of infections, especially after menopause.
  3. This vegetable supplies essential nutrients to the bones and prevents fracture, bone displacement and bone weakness in the human body.

Tricks to Buy Them Fresh

  1. Avoid buying tomato with a hole.
  2. Also, you should never buy a discolored tomato.
  3. Buy tomatoes that has a green hard stem.
  4. Never buy patchy tomatoes.
  5. The last thing to remember is never to buy too small or too big sized tomato as it may contain germs.

The benefits we have listed are medically proven and various doctors also prescribe this vegetable for these benefits. Hence, include a tomato into your daily diet and stay protected from diseases, infection and oily skin.

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“Eat Healthy, Live Healthy”

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