Healthy Substitute For Festive Time

Healthy substitute is what normally we all look for. But, this option takes aback seat when it comes to preparing recipes during the festive season. So, this festive season get ready to bite in your favourite recipe without getting worried about calories.

Healthy Substitute for All-Purpose Flour alias Maida, Refined Flour

Use wheat flour instead of using the refined flour. The wheat flour contains vitamin B1, B2, and B3. Also, the nutritional components such as folic acid, iron, fiber and zinc make the recipes more healthy and tasty.

Healthy Substitute for Butter

Add pumpkin puree to the dishes in place of butter as make the recipe more delicious. Those who don’t want to add this vegetable into their dish can opt for avocado, Olive oil and can also use Nut Butter.

Replace Cornstarch with Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is a white tasteless powder extracted from the root of few tropical plants. This powder is gluten-free and is easy to digest. The inclusion of this ingredient help in weight loss and also keeps the heart healthy.

Replace Whole Eggs with Egg White

Eggs are good for health but it is not good to add whole eggs into the recipe. Hence, separate the egg whites and use only that portion to make delicious recipes such as cake fondant, egg frosting, and meringue.

Replace Whole Milk with Low-fat Milk

Milk makes the recipe smooth and creamy, but the addition of whole milk increase the number of calories we intake. Hence, this festive season try adding low-fat milk, coconut milk or almond milk instead of whole milk. You will enjoy the recipes more than usual.

Add Vanilla Extracts Instead of Artificial Flavors

We add lot artificial flavor to make the recipe delicious. But, this festive season add natural taste to the food by adding vanilla extract from vanilla pods, freshly grounded cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder which is also known as jaifal powder in Hindi.

Use Low-Fat Cream Cheese instead of Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is not that much healthy and people must avoid using it. You can add low-fat cream cheese in place of cream. As the cheese contains less calories in comparison to the heavy cream.

Replace White Rice with Quinoa

White rice contains lot of calories and also takes time to digest. Although, many traditional recipes include this ingredient. But, this festive season bring the change and make dishes delicious by replacing white rice with quinoa, barley, brown rice, and even with cauliflower at times. Make sure you consume the recipe made with cauliflower the same day. Otherwise it may cause bad health due to the rotten property of cauliflower.




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