Leafy Vegetables -Healthy secrets of Green

Leafy Vegetables are not only food which is essential for living. But, also healthy eating habits are important than just eating. Human body work according to the food we eat. The healthier we eat, the healthier we will live. Enjoy the goodness of war vegetables and stay younger than age.

We intake vegetables in the form of curries and gravies. But, do you know rawness of the fresh vegetables is the best remedy on any disease. Also, the juicy extract of the roughly chopped veggies can keep you at the bay from several heart problems. Therefore, stop thinking and start eating fresh salads. As they keep you young at heart in all phases of the life.

Today, I have bought few secrets of the vegetables that will help you stay stronger than ever before.

Green Leafy Vegetables List

Drumstick Saujane ki fali
Drumstick is beneficial in cold and flu

Drumstick Flower

Drumstick is commonly referred as the saujane ki fali in the Northern India. This stick is grown largely in the Asian continent. The fresh green pulpy sticks are high on medicinal and nutritional values.

The flowers of drumsticks are white in color. You can include the sticks and the flower in the form of curries and gravy. Cooking method for this lush green leafy vegetable is similar to the cooking technique. Like you use to cook beans, asparagus and other green vegetables.

Medicinal values of Drumstick

Vitamin C in the drumsticks helps vanishing of cold & flu. The medicinal properties of this vegetable improves the working of the respiration system.

Drumsticks work as a natural blood purifier. This vegetable is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins. Enjoy the delicious recipes made of drumstick and drumstick flower for strengthening of the bones.

The anti-bacterial properties of drumstick reduce the risk of throat and chest infection. The anti-fungal quality keeps fungus infection away from the skin. The soup of drumstick is beneficial for the cancer patients. Also, the regular inclusion of drumstick soup reduces the risk of breast cancer in women by nearly 80 per cent.

Leafy Vegetables -Healthy secrets of Green
Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating

Green Leafy Vegetables

People dislike eating green leafy vegetables. This is surely not a good habit. The fresh green vegetables keep us healthy from inside. The family of green vegetables is a big one. This includes spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. There are other types of leafy vegetables such as kale, Bokchoy and asparagus.

Include the green leafy vegetables in your everyday diet and control the weight. These crunchy vegetables neither allow the body to put on extra fat nor let them burn large number of calories.  Leafy vegetables contain low calories. Hence, they manage the weight naturally.

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Benefits of Leafy Vegetables

The dietary fiber, folic acid, and vitamin C lower the risk of heart disease and prevents keep cancer at bay. According to a research, one serving of green leafy vegetables reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by more than 10 percent.

Leafy veggies are rich in iron and zinc. These properties help the patients of type 2 diabetes in controlling the sugar level. Women must include spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and other green leafy vegetables in their everyday diet. As it makes the bones stronger by more than 42 per cent.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin is good for eyes. Stay protected from the risk of cataract, lungs and stomach cancer by biting in the leafy vegetables at least once a day.

Never use yellow pale colored vegetables in diet. As yellow color showcases the losing nutrients of the vegetables.

Cucumber heal wounds and burns


This small light green colored vegetable contains 96 per cent of the water content. Moreover, If you miss drinking adequate water daily, then you must binge into cucumber. Likewise, Cucumber keeps the skin hydrated and fill in the space of water in the body.

Cucumber is beneficial in wound healing. Furthermore, you can apply a slice of cucumber on cut mark or the sunburn. It will heel in quick time. This vegetable is the best remedy to get rid of dry and itchy skin.

Benefits of cucumber

Inclusion of the cucumber in daily diet flush out the harmful toxins from the body. There are medicinal properties of this vegetable helps in dissolution of the kidney stone. Moreover, it also reduces the bad cholesterol and makes nails stronger and shiner.

Furthermore, cucumber pack, cucumber slice or a cucumber salad helps in reducing the puffiness under eyes. Also, Cucumber is beneficial for the relaxation of the eyes and also vanishes the under eye circles.

Bad breath and gum problems might embarrass you in public. Enjoy the goodness of cucumber every day and stay away from the oral problems.

Likewise, vitamin A, Band C in cucumber boost the immune system and makes the body stronger and sharper from inside.

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Green Beans
Beans are beneficial for expecting mothers


Beans are grown in various varieties across the globe. But it doesn’t change the nutritional values. In America people eat sting beans and French beans at large. Whereas, in the Asian continent people soak the raw beans also known as the red kidney beans before cooking.

Also, Beans are grown all through the year. Likewise, varieties of beans produce number of flavorful dishes including gravies and savory dishes.

Benefits of Beans

The Beans are vegetable that comes in three different colors. Namely red, green and white. Moreover, each type of the beans is cooked in a different manner. Thus it tastes differently. Furthermore, Beans offer less calories and high vitamins and minerals.

The nutrients such as  fiber, vitamin A, C, K and B6 makes the beans an important part of everyday meal. American and Europeans use beans largely in their cuisine. Northern India also include red kidney beans and French beans in their diets at large.

Likewise, Beans contains high nutritional values for the expecting mothers. Furthermore, the high folic acid content protects the womb from infection.

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