Natural painkiller in your kitchen – Must try!!

Natural painkillers at kitchen

People who suffer from persistent pain frequently reach out for pharmacy medication to help them. Although the painkillers may help with managing pain, too much of it can result in unfavorable side effects and chronic issues. Instead, try one of these natural food treatments along with reaching for the tablet the next time.

Because the active ingredients in them effectively relieve and suppress your pain soon and help take limited doses of regular painkillers tablet. So, you can see that there are options for pain and discomfort other than medical stores. Try these quick and easy natural pain relievers in your kitchen the next time you’re suffering from a toothache, back pain, or any other kind of inflammation.


Clove as natural painkiller

Clove works just as well as any medication to relieve pain. Simply chew on a clove while keeping it placed under the aching tooth. Eugenol, a substance found in this spice, functions as a natural anesthetic to lessen pain.


Pineapple as natural painkiller

Pineapple is not just a fruit but can be a natural painkiller . Yes ! Pineapple has a naturally appearing substance called bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Have a glass of pineapple juice when you have painful days . Or you can give a try preparing yummy pineapple Kheer , pineapple fried rice etc..


Capsicum as natural painkiller

The active component of capsicum is capsaicin. It’s well known to be an all-natural treatment for nerve pain and to reduce discomfort. It suppresses the sensitivity of the pain-producing nerves.


Turmeric as natural painkiller

The active component of turmeric, curcuma, has sedative properties. Turmeric paste, combined with water or slaked lime, is given  to relieve sprains, inflammation in the joints, and muscle soreness quickly in traditional medicine.


Ginger as natural painkiller

Ginger work by blocking pain receptors in our body , which has a pain-reducing impact. In olden days, We used ginger to treat headache, knee pain, low back pain, and muscle soreness.

Key takeaway

Natural painkillers provide effective relief, but it does take time to show results. It is a safe and natural remedy that can relieve pain while also improve your overall health.

The above mentioned ingredient have been used for centuries as ‘natural painkillers’ medicines . And still exist in traditional practices nowadays. But not everyone responds well to all natural pain relievers. Relying less on prescription drugs and instead using natural remedies is a precautionary safety step. However, do think about seeing your doctor and using your natural remedies in addition if your pain problems don’t go away.

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