Okra Health Benefits


Okra Introduction

Okra is one of the glittering jewels of plant food. It is also known as ladyfinger in some parts of the world. The fresh green color making it look more tempting that it actually does. Although many people don’t like it, but okras are the most loved vegetable of men across the globe. Well, no one got a logical reason behind this but what tastes good keep the health perfect also. So, today let us know some of the secret benefits that ladyfinger offers.

Goodness of Okra for Health

  1. It improves Digestion –  Fiber content of this vegetable keep stomach problems like constipation and gas at bay. The fibers components in this vegetable help in food digestion and thus keep the body fit.
  2. Make Bones Stronger – The vitamin, calcium, mineral, potassium, and zinc make bones stronger and decrease the risk of fracture.
  3. Lowers Cancer Risk – The component of various minerals and vitamins keep heart healthy.
  4. Improves Vision – Yes, it is surprising but the regular intake of this vegetable improves eye sight and keep eye related problem away.
  5.  Lowers Blood Pressure –  Those suffering from high BP must include Okra in their routine diet. As it maintains blood pressure and allows it stay normal.


Okra Trivia

  1. These seeds of this plant food were used in place of coffee seeds during World War II.
  2. Okra made its way across the globe during Atlantic Slave Trade
  3. This vegan product is widely used in Chinese cooking.
  4. The vegetable is also known as gumbo in the United States.
  5. Apart from cooking, this vegetable is also eaten as a part of a salad, broth, and stew.

There are different ways to consume this fresh green vegetable. You can soak them in a glass of water overnight and drink it as soon as you get up next morning. The okra contains lot of soluble fiber that gets mixed in water and improves digestion. Also, you can have half a teaspoon of this gumba peel every day to stay healthy.


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  1. I have noticed a vast improvement in my vision after drinking okra gel with cucumber sliced in it and lime juice. Colors are much brighter

    • Yes, Okra is an excellent source of vitamins C and K1. Mixing Okra gel with cucumber and lime juice sounds like a wonderful combination!


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