Try Mint Leaves with Tomatoes to Get Instant Relief from Cold & Cough

Last time I talked about the benefits of bananas. I received lot of positive response from the readers on the topic. As we sometime bite in a fruit just because of the taste we like. But, it is important to include fruits depending upon the benefits they have for health. So, the health reminds me of the changing weather. In northern India people are suffering for cold and cough as the season is about to take a leap.

It’s the changing time of the season, when we are welcoming summers while feeling the chill in the morning and evening time. But, we do feel the heat during the afternoon and switch on the air conditioner. This change of temperature causes illness. Take these home remedies to keep seasonal illness at bay.

Mint Leaves

These lush green leaves have started to tempt people even before the summers are officially announced. But, before you grab a few bunches of mint for preparing chutney, let us introduce you with the benefits of this vegetable during cold and cough.

The expectorant property of mint fights against cold and cough.


Take steam from the boiling water added with mint leaves. The strong fume of mint leaves offer relief in breathing.


The sweet taste of this fruit makes every second person its fan. But, do you know that pineapple helps to combat cold? The bromelain compound found in this fruit contains inflammatory properties. Intake of pineapple cures body ace also.


Drink pineapple juice twice a day to get respite from running nose and cold.



The pulpy red colored tomatoes help to cure cold and cough. The nutritional properties of the tomatoes discourage the formation of toxins in the body. Tomatoes lower the restlessness feels during fever and act as a cooling agent for the human body.


Drink tomato soup sprinkled with cinnamon powder. The combination of tomatoes with cinnamon heals illness in short span of time.



You must have eaten this green leafy vegetable several ties in life, but are you aware of its medicinal values? The vitamin B, C, and K6 makes the immune system strong. The iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and dietary fiber offer huge nutrients to the body.

Red instant relief from cabbage during fever.


Place a cold cabbage leaf on your forehead and tie a scarf. Take a nap [sleep] in dark room. Remove the scarf once you wake up. You will find, hot and the distorted cabbage leaf has snatched fever from your body when you were relaxing.


Star Anise

This spice is referred as Chakriful in India. The mineral and Vitamin A, b and C found in this spice cure cold, cough and fever. Intake of star anise powder or tea heals sore throat.


Drink tea made from star anise to get rid of running nose, sore throat and cold. Intake tea two to three times in a day for better results.


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