Summer Rolls – Light Lunch For Summers

Summer Rolls is a light lunch with the goodness of fresh veggies crispy tofu and some rice noodles for filling. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Spinach Cooked With Mung Beans.

Ingredients For Summer Rolls:-

  • Two Sheets – Rice Paper
  • 25 Grams – Lettuce
  • 30 Grams – Carrot
  • 10 Grams – Bean Sprouts
  • 15 Gram Each Of – Cucumber, Tofu, Rice Noddles Soaked In Warm Water For 20-25 Minutes
  • 5 Gram Each Of – Basil, Mint Leaves, And Coriander Leaves
  • 45 Gram Hoisin Sauce
  • 30 Gram Roasted Peanuts
  • 5 Gram – Chopped Garlic
  • 15 ML – Oil
  • 10 Gram – Chopped Red Chillies
  • 50 ML – Water


  1. Make a paste of the roasted peanuts adding 15 ml of water and 15 ml of cooking oil.
  2. Grind in a mixer until smooth.
  3. In a nonstick pan, add the peanut paste, hoisin sauce, garlic, and chilies.
  4. Add water around 50 ml and allow it to simmer until sauce thickens. Let the sauce cool.
  5. Slice the carrot and cucumber into thin slices. Cut the tofu into batons.
  6. Take a rice paper sheet and place it in water for 10 seconds. Place on a flat surface, by wiping excess water with hands.
  7. Layer it with cucumber and carrot slices, followed by the tofu, beans sprouts, roasted peanuts, lettuce, basil leaves, coriander leaves, and mint leaves.
  8. Place the rice noodles over it.
  9. Drizzle some more sauce.
  10. Roll the rice paper.
  11. After the first roll, fold the sides and roll further. Ensure that it is rolled properly and roll further.
  12. Make sure that the roll is tightly rolled so that the filling does not come out.
  13. Cut the summer roll at a slant and serve with the peanut sauce.


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