Superfoods | Top 10 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life

Superfoods are those foods which have a very high nutritional volume. It means that they can provide a substantial amount of nutrients and very few calories. The Superfoods also contain a high density of minerals, protein, antioxidants, and vitamins. Mostly you will find green leafy vegetables and grass as superfood but wait we have something more, you might came across this foods but you never thought that its one of superfoods. You might find organic a bit costly but remember HEALTH IS WEALTH. So lets move on, to our Top 10 superfoods.

Some superfoods are seasonal but its easily found in frozen or powder form. Preferably best is fresh food over preserved one. Some superfood could directly consumed raw like nuts or you can find healthy recipes for superfoods like salad, smoothie, protein bar.

What are Superfoods

Superfoods are those which contain large amount of nutrition which you easily get from one food and thats called superfood. Incuding superfoods in your diet and you dont have to worry about nutritions at all.

Superfoods list


Top 10 Superfoods

1. Avocado or Avocado are Superfoods

Avocado is one of healthiest food. It has good cholesterol. Avacado known as butter food due to its oily texture. Many people have confusion about avocado that is avocado fruit or vegetable, let me tell you technically we can say avocado is fruit. It is single seed berry but nutritionally it has all the benefits of vegetable. Don’t you think its much similar case with tomato. Similarly many of us are worried about calories intake, we have question like how many calories in an avocado  or how many carbs in avocado? so talking about calories. Avocado is amazingly healthy low-carb plant food with high amount of potassium and fiber and here is calories in 1 avocado  77% fat, 4% protein, 19% carbs. 

food vegetable

Benefits of Avocado

Healthy heart for avocado eaters as it has mono saturated fatty acids. Moreover,  it supports you with good digestion as it has dietary fiber in large amount, fights with cancer, good for skin and hair, relieves arthritis pain, prevent bad breathe, liver care, help to overcome vitamin K deficiency, morning sickness and many more makes it one of superfoods.

Avocado Side Effects

  • Avoid During Pregnancy And Breast Feeding: It may reduce milk production and cause damage to the mammary gland. Furthermore, consumption of avocado in large amount results in baby with upset stomach.

  • Avoid in case of  Hypersensitivity: One should avoid eating avocado in case of Hypersensitivity, as results in vomiting and causes skin reaction.
  • Gastrointestinal Irritation: Consumption in large amount results in upset stomach and Gastrointestinal Irritation.

food vegetable

How to eat Avocado

Try to eat it raw or  add in salad, as adding  other ingredients might affect your health if you are eating for medical reasons. You can also try avocado shake specially for vegan with limited ingredients. Likewise, you can try smoothies more specifically green smoothie

2. Berries as one of superfoods

Berries are high in fiber, naturally sweet and have rich color that means high antioxidant and also contains nutrients that helps to fight diseases and that makes its one of superfoods. Berry is one of the healthiest food on earth. This quality makes makes it one of superfoods.

Berry superfood

They are jumbled with multiple antioxidants, some berries with high antioxidants are blueberry, blackberry, acai berry, goji berry and raspberry have active antioxidant and next is pomegranate. It helps in preventing oxidative stress which are due to free radicals. Beneficial to diabetic patient as less amount of sugar in berries. Also fights inflammation and glows up your skin and 2nd position in top 10 superfoods.


 How to include: You can make smoothies, add to yogurt, custard or consume it directly. During off seasons, you can buy frozen berries which have same nutrition value. 

3. Green Tea 

Green tea, we all are aware about it, even we had tried at least once. It is superfood because of multiple benefits most probably due to high amount of antioxidant. It is specially know for and is major source of antioxidant.  Green superfood in known as healthiest beverage on planet.

Benefits of Green Tea

Multi benefit green tea have uncountable anti bodies to boost your health secretly. Weight loss is one of commonly know benefit. Improve brain function that means it makes you think smarter. Fights with fatty acids that is Improve you physical performance. And have cancer fighting agents. Also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Apart lower the risks of Infections and prevent the wrinkles too is on 3rd position in top 10 superfoods.

Green Tea superfoods

Does green tea have caffeine – superfood

My answer is Yes, but we can’t dump the idea of consumption just because it has 9/10 benefits. Lets talk about how much caffeine it has and methods to reduce the green tea caffeine.

Below are rough measurements of caffeine by Journal of Food Science,done by 8 ounces of water per 2 grams of green tea, brewed for 3-4 minutes :-

  • Stash Tea Decaf Green – 7.6 mg
  • Ten Ren Green Tea – 16.4 mg
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea – 12 mg
  • Peet’s Coffee Green Tea – 33.4 mg
  • Lipton Green Tea – 16.4 mg
  • Stash Tea Premium Green Tea – 30.2 mg
  • Stash Tea Organic Green Tea – 27 mg
  • Stash Tea Dragonwell Exotica Green Tea – 47.8 mg
  • Nestea Peach Green Tea – 42 mg

You can find variance depend upon preparation method and brands. Best green tea are Celestial Seasonings Green Tea  and Lipton Green Tea, with less caffeine comparatively.

Some techniques to reduce caffeine amount in green tea 

  1. Decaf green tea is good option it is not caffeine free but less amount of caffeine.
  2. Unlike some Matcha green tea have more caffeine.
  3. Skip coffee house green tea like starbucks.
  4. Try green tea blend like 50-50 blend of lemon grass, mint or ginger with green tea.
  5. Brew green tea correctly, use only simmering water and brew for 30 seconds to four minutes. given an optimal brew time of 1 and 1/2 minutes to three minutes for many green teas. Many people have bad practice of brewing green tea in boiling water or brewing fot 3-4 mins. Which result in increase of caffeine level. 

Green Tea superfood

Green Tea Side Effects – superfood

Drinking green tea is healthy for adults. However, there are few side effects to keep in mind.

  • Stomach Issue : Happens due to either brewing it strongly or consuming empty stomach. consuming in large amount can upset your stomach and frequent trips to bathroom.
  •  Headaches : Selecting right green is extremely important. one should know the amount of caffeine in tea. large amount of caffeine leads to headache.
  • Anemia and Iron Deficiency : Antioxidant can prevent the iron absorption in your body result in irom deficiency and anemia. One should keep proper gap between consumption of iron foods and green tea. Iron rich foods like apple, spinach, legumes, seeds, dates and many more. Moreover iron rich foods should be consumed with Vitamin C like lemon. As it promotes iron absorption.

How to include: Classical green tea which is either made with green tea leaf or tea bags, I use lipton green tea twice a day from last 4 years. Believe me, I never got sickness or over weight and glows my skin too. You can also try green tea extract which is equivalent to average cup of green tea. Or you can try green tea shot, recipe consist of  fruit flavor and lime which enhances the taste of health drink.

Green tea can be consumed either hot or cold. Cold green tea is easy to make by adding ice cubes and flavor like lime. Same as regular tea or coffee. You can also add extract to it. You can also make green tea shot. Likewise you can also make green tea extract, which has equal amount of antioxidant as average cup of green tea.

 4. Kales are superfoods

Kale is very popular green leafy vegetable. Also, it belong from cabbage family. There are different variants of kale depending upon shape and color. Likewise, you can find green or purple color with either smooth or curly shape.

Most of us only use it in salad, specially known as kale salad but there are some unbelievable recipes which actually put kale in your favorite vegetable’s bucket. But before that let’s find out some nutrients in kale & best purpose to eat.

Benefits of Kale – superfood

Here are some kale benefits listed down, which not only be the solution of your food issues but also makes you aware about what you are consuming in your diet

  • Most powerful source of Antioxidant – We all are aware about green leafy vegetables are good source of antioxidant but kale is king here. Just a bowl satisfy your body requirement for antioxidant.
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps to absorb the iron for our body. The fact is a bowl of raw kale have vitamin C more than whole orange.
  • Low down Cholesterol Level – It works as a cholesterol lowering drug which in return prevent heart diseases. And kale do this is done by bile acid binding effect.
  • Best source of Vitamin K – Vitamin K plays important role of clotting bloods. Vitamin K which is found in Kale is Vitamin K1 which is different than Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is found in soya and some animal products. This help to prevent diseases  such as Osteoporosis and heart diseases.
  • Fights with Cancer – It has cancer fighting substances. We all know Prevention is better than cure , so don’t forget to add kale to your diet.

            Kale superfoods

How to include:  Its very easily get into a food or salad but there are some delicious way to eat kale. Let’s checkout- Green Smoothie is one on top, Kale chips is another crispy way to eat, Sweet potato noodles with Kale  is another good choice and Jackfruit sandwich known as meat replacement is great way to add kale.

5. Nuts are superfoods: 

Nuts nutrients can be easily defined as fat (good fat) + protein + fiber. The nutrients such as monounsaturated fat, Omega 3 and Omega 6 polyunsaturated fat. Also it has Vitamins, minerals including magnesium and Vitamin E.

Let me clear some doubts which people have regarding nuts commonly used in food, might you find it funny and insane.

  1. Is coconut a nut : 

       This is common question by nut allergic people but botanically coconut is a fruit, a nut and a seed.It is basically one seed drupe.

      2. Are peanuts nuts :

Nuts grow on trees. Hence, they care called as tree nuts. Unlike Almonds and other nuts, peanuts are grow in the ground. Therefore they are legumes and lentils. So, peanuts are not nuts.     

     3. Is nutmeg a nut :

       No, Despite it’s name it is not a nut. You can safely eat it if you have allergy with nuts without any risk of reaction.

Here are some most effective superfood nuts that one should surely eat :

  • Almonds : Good to lower cholesterol level and diabetic risk.
  • Pistachios : High amount of fiber and help in lowering heart diseases and blood pressure.
  • Walnuts : Great source of Omega 3 fat ALA. Improves Heart health and Brain health.
  • Cashews : Improves metabolic syndrome and reduces blood pressure.

         superfoods nuts vegetable

How to include: Here are some recipes one must try- Banana Walnut bread

6. Olive oils are superfoods  

Olive oil is known to improve the metabolism but apart there are so many benefits not only cooking it could be also used for cosmetics, some medicine , making soaps and some of lamps.

Is olive oil good for you

Yes, have you ever thought what makes olive oil so special. It has mono-saturate fat (oleic acid). It is the healthiest fat on earth.

Extra virgin olive oil

It is unrefined oil and one of finest which could buy. It means it comes with less chemical used for processing during extraction. Also it has very less oleic acid (1%). The color is dark green which is easy to identify. Another notable quality is it even burns on low temperature. 

Olive oil Calories

There is 884 calories in 100 grams of oil.

Is olive oil bad for weight loss?

Although it has high calories count but its counted in good fat which keep your heart healthy. Better option to go rather than butter, refined oil, etc.

superfoods Olive vegetable

Olive Oil Benefits – superfood

  • Olive oil for hair

Yes it could be used if you have dry hair. Its good source for minerals but should be once a week enough or else it will be too sticky for your hair.

  • Olive oil for skin

Applying olive oil on skin is good option. Specially in winter, it stays longer unlike any body lotion. Furthermore, could be applied on chapped lips.

  • Olive oil for breast

It is rich in antioxidant. Apply olive oil on breast not only helps to keep it moisturized but also prevent it from sagginess. By applying 4-6 weeks helps to keep you moisturized and healthy.

 Superfood Olive oil vegetable                                                                                                                                                         

How to include: You can apply it on skin throughout winter which will be nourishment and moisturizer. Adding oil in cooking is for daily intake is best idea for some delicious recipe.

7. Yogurt

It contains probiotics i.e. live culture. Also rich sources of calcium and protein. They have so called “Good bacteria” which helps to protect your body from harmful bacteria.

superfoods Yogurts

What is yoghurt

Yoghurt is dairy product. It is made from milk with bacterial fermentation. 

Yogurt vs yoghurt

There is no difference. It just an accent Yogurt is from American accent while Yoghurt is from British accent. Same like colour & color. 

How to produce yoghurt

Yoghurt can be made from any time of dairy milk like full milk or skimmed milk.

Frozen yoghurt

It an dessert made from dairy and  some non dairy products. Its same like ice cream and have entirely different process.

What is difference between Greek yogurt and natural yogurt

Greek yogurt is made from more filtering which result in thicker consistency and more nutrient but also also increases the fat amount as compare to normal yogurt. Although both satisfy the daily intake which is 15% calcium.

Benefits of Yoghurt

  1. Rich in Nutrients- Good source of calcium which help to keep your bone and teeth string and vitamin B12.
  2. High in Protein- High amount of protein in yogurt satisfy daily intake and keeps your shiny hair and stronger nails.
  3. Good for Digestion: High source of Vitamin B12 from good bacteria boost the immunity and digestion.

          Superfood Yogurt 

  How to include: Try to consume plain yogurt rather than flavored or fruit yogurt, as they have high amount of  sugar included. You can add fruits by yourself,  if you want. Also you can cook some recipes including it.

    8. Legumes:     

Legumes have best source of protein and negligible fat . That is the reason why people on diet prefer legumes in their meal. Its difficult to consume boiled legumes but you can smartly cook  it without loosing its benefits, you can find some deliciously recipes and curry of legumes below.

What are legumes

Legumes are basically fruits or seeds of plant. High source of protein and fiber.

legumes list

food vegetables

Are peanuts legumes 

Yes, Peanuts are legumes. its a groundnut and hence falls in legumes category . Peanut is a kind of edible seed. It is known for its benefits.

Are chickpeas legumes     

Yes, chickpeas are legume. It is one of favorite ingredients in vegan’s list too. Chickpeas can be eat boiled as salad or cooked.

Are beans legumes   

Not all the beans are legume. It can be said that legumes are parent and beans are child. Legumes are mostly round or disc shape where as beans are kidney shaped or  oval in shaped.

Are cashew legumes   

No, cashew is nut. It is not counted in legumes.

Are legumes vegetable

 Legumes are seed of plant, which could be mature or immature. and vegetable are from other parts.             


How to include: You can try this yumilicious  recipes for eating the legume.

9. Dark Chocolates are superfoods:           

This is one of my favorite superfood. Well now we have one more reason to eat the dark chocolate  without any worries. 

superfood dark chocolates

Is dark chocolate good for you

Dark chocolate Health Benefits

Dark chocolate have more benefits than any other type of chocolate.

  • It is best known as stress buster. I remember before my exam time I eat dark chocolate, so that I don’t get nervous.
  • Also If you have sleeping issues have some before sleep will help.

Is dark chocolate vegan

Dark chocolate is known for its darkness, which means no milk. It is made with cocoa powder sometimes have some amount of butter too, apart liquor and flavors are also added.

does dark chocolate have caffeine

Yes, mostly it have for content of approximately 30 grams (1 oz) have 25 mg of caffeine. And rest is cocoa, sweetener and oil/butter.

Does dark chocolate have dairy

Dark chocolate doesn’t have milk as it’s name says Dark chocolate.


How to include: You can try some desserts, breads or cold chocolate drinks recipes.

10. Garlic are superfoods

Garlic is counted in spices and have remarkable cure in Ayurveda. It is well known for its medical properties. It is used to cure cold and you can put in soup for cold. Garlic is beneficial for people who are suffering from cholesterol and and blood pressure. Furthermore, it is also detoxifying agent.

How much is a clove of garlic

Cloves are small segment which are cubed together to form Garlic. For garlic of bigger size there are 12-15 cloves, for smaller garlic there are 15-20 cloves.

How to mince garlic

How to mince garlic

  1. Firstly, trim the root of clove
  2. Next crush the garlic with knife, you can now remove the peels.
  3. Afterwards, chop the clove vertically and then horizontally.

How to include: You can try our spicy and tangy garlic recipes.

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