Anorexia Nervosa – Abnormal Fear Of Food

Anorexia Nervosa is an illness in which a person has an overwhelming fear of becoming fat, and so refuses to eat enough and becomes thinner and thinner. Hope you like this information as you did like my previous information Acne- Food That Can Help Defence Against Acne.


  • Self-starvation that is a hallmark of anorexia nervosa is caused by the psychiatric disorder. The cause of anorexia- a medical term of appetite loss is unknown.


  • The disease often begins in adolescence, a time of tremendous hormonal and psychological change. Convinced that she is too fat, regardless of how much she weighs, a girl begins obsessive dieting.
  • Some girls adopt a very restricted diet. Others become overly preoccupied with food, often planning and preparing elaborate meals that they then refuse to eat.


  • Anorexia often requires intensive long-term treatment. A doctor to treat starvation-induced medical problems, a psychiatrist, and a dietitian. Family members can also benefit from counselling.
  • The biggest hurdle is to help the anorexic overcome her abnormal fear of food and distorted self-image of being fat. Counselling is directed to uncovering the source of these fears.
  • At first, the patient is offered small portions of nutritious and easily digestible foods, perhaps eggs, custards, soups, and milkshakes.
  • Portion sizes and the variety of foods are increased gradually to achieve a steady weight gain.


  • Anorexics are skilled at deceiving others about their eating. Relapses are common and close monitoring may be necessary to ensure that the anorexic is really eating.
  • Avoid making food a constant source of attention and conflict; group therapy can be more helpful than parental nagging.


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