10 Foods You Should Never Store in Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one common appliance in our kitchen. But, you stuff this kitchen appliance with lots of ingredients? If its true, then you must read this article.  In fact, we all are using the fridge for a long time, but still, sometimes we store the food ingredients needlessly in this kitchen appliance.

So, here is a list of ingredients you should avoid placing in the coolest kitchen appliance ever.

Foods You Must Not Store in Refrigerator:-

1. Pumpkin – The pumpkin alias kaddu is one giant vegetable and needs extra care. The soft pulpy texture of this food ingredients needs a normal temperature to stay fresh. Thus, storing pumpkin in the fridge is not good. Also, the cooling temperature increases the chances for rotting this vegetable as the outer skin of pumpkin is hard and the edges are more tender. Therefore, store this Halloween vegetable in a cool and dry place instead.

2. Watermelon – You might like biting into a chilling watermelon. But, storing this fruit in a colling temperature flush out its nutrients. The watermelons contain beta-carotene property. This compound protects our body from infections. But, the placing of melons into the fridge diminishes the beta-carotene content. Therefore, you should avoid placing this fruit in the fridge.

3. Honey – This food ingredient is thick in nature. Thus, the refrigeration process of this ingredient starts the formation of sugar deposition in the bottle. Therefore, one should store this sweet ingredient in the room temperature.

4. Tomatoes –  The soft peel of this food item is the reason why you should never store tomatoes in the coolest kitchen appliance you have at home. The decrease in temperature results in shrinking of tomato skin. Thus, the tomatoes you keep in the fridge have cracks and also start to be soggy. Therefore, store the tomatoes at the room temperature.

5. Eggs – Most of the people have egg tray at home. But, you must not place this thing in the fridge. This is because the eggs have both liquid and semi-liquid content. Thus, refrigerating this ingredient results in the loss of eggs freshness. this is why one must place the eggs on the kitchen platform.

Foods You Must Not Store in Refrigerator:-

6. Ketchup/ Dip – Being the processed ingredients the ketchup and dips have the inclusion of several preservatives. Thus, storing them in the fridge can contaminate them. Protect your family from biting into bacterial food anytime. So, pull out the ketchup and dips out of the fridge now.

7. Meat –  First of all, you should use fresh meat instead of packet meat. In case you use the packet meat try to place it on the kitchen platform with some basil leaves around it. The storing of meat in the refrigerator leaves a stinking smelling in the fridge. Therefore, avoid placing meat in the fridge.

8. Citrus Fruits – All citrus fruits are rich in vitamin c and anti-oxidants. Thus, the ideal place to store oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits is the room temperature. The refrigeration process of these ingredients leave the ingredients with zero nutrients.

9. Cucumber – A cucumber is best to treat dry skin. But, does your cucumber have a damaged skin when you remove it from the fridge? Of course yes, this is because the vegetable has soft outer skin that gets rotten due to the cooling temperature. So, avoid storing cucumber in a refrigerator.

10 – Chocolates – Yes, the most liked food ingredient in the world. There is a huge majority of people who store chocolates in the fridge. But, your favorite sweet is likely to lose its taste in the fridge. Thus, you must keep the chocolate at room temperature.

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