1o Steps To Organize Kitchen

Hello, friends another week has begun and almost everyone has got their weekly targets. ┬áIn order to chase our target, we have a increased the risk of losing on food, and this is just not appreciable. But, have you ever thought why does it happens? Well, many of you will say work pressure…right? Actually wrong, infact technically wrong because food is skipped not because we are in a hurry but, we skip it because our kitchen is no less than a mess.

An unorganized kitchen is the reason behind skipping meal. Hence, from today we are beginning a series of kitchen essential that will help you organize your food and while on the go we also make you learn easy to cook recipes.

Steps to Organize Kitchen

Step 1

Paint the wall

Choose the color that gives you energy. Usually, yellow is the color that brings in lot of positivity in life. And, kitchen is a place where things get tossed, popped, roasted, fried and yellow color incorporate all these applications. Hence, we suggest you to paint the kitchen yellow. Those having tiles can use tiles having yellow color or shade.

Step 2

Set Up Stove

Stove or the cooking station is the most essential part of the kitchen. Hence, you must place it first. Place your cooking station in the middle of the platform, so that you can use the entire cooking platform.

Step 3

Categorize Cupboards

Kitchen have various food ingredients, utensils and food stuff to store. Hence, it is important to give dedicated space to all the ingredients. Here, remember one thing. Keep, everyday kitchen essential near the cooking station. Like oil, tea powder, sugar, spice box (masale ka dabba) and salt. Segregate dry, moist, wet and paste form of food ingredients and store them in air tight containers. Place these containers into the dedicated section in the cupboard.

Step 4

Store Cleaning Agents Wisely

Kitchen is the most beautiful place in home. It may lose its charm if proper care is not taken. So, dedicate a section of cupboard to store cleaning agents such as platform cleaner foam, utensil cleaner, a small wiper, utensil storage rack, and cleaning wipes. This will help you clean the kitchen platform or any other part of kitchen easily as things stored in a dedicated cupboards come handy in case anything spill.

Step 5

Store Rice & Flour Container Together

Meal incorporates rice, bread, vegetable and a cup of lentil. Now, rice and flour are the static ingredients that are used everyday, whereas lentils are cooked as per choice hence they are stored in a different section. Also, the placing of rice and flour container together encourages people to cooked wholesome meal.

Step 6

Keep Edible Oil & spice Box in Closet

Refined oil and spices goes hand in hand. Hence, keeping them in a closet near to the cooking platform is a great thought. As you will get easy access to them while cooking.

Step 7

Place Utensils Wisely

Cooking utensils, ladles, mini turner, pressure cooker, serving spoons and serving utensils must be kept in lower racks. Utensils are heavy and thus require a platform to carry the weight. Keep the lower racks of the kitchen cupboards dedicated to these utensils.

Step 8

Place Refrigerator in Correct Direction

Refrigerator have compressed gas hence, it is important that it gets enough space to flush out the heat. Place your fridge in a direction that offers cross ventilation.

Step 9

Install Electronic Appliances Safely

Check all switches before installing microwave, food processor and dishwasher. Make sure the sockets have sufficient power to run these appliances.

Step 10

Keep A Doormat

Place a doormat at the kitchen entrance. Rub off all the dust on the mat before entering the kitchen. This will allow least dust particles to enter your kitchen and will keep you and your family away from illness.

Finally, the kitchen is set. Now, its time for cooking. So, tomorrow we will be sharing the first cooking lesson and hope you will not miss it. Also, this week you will learn various quick and easy to make recipes that will be full of nutrients.

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