Tricks To Buy Kitchen Utensils

Hi everyone, now that your kitchen is perfectly set, let’s step out and do some shopping for it. This space of the house is different and hold a special place in everyone’s life. For some it is their dream castle, for some, it is a responsibility to cook and there are some people who hate cooking food but are needed to do for survival.

Hence, we have bought this series especially for them. Today, we are introducing you to the king, queen, and soldiers of the kitchen. Sounds dramatic right… so without stretching it long, let us introduce you to the utensils, that make you the cook delicious food named recipes.

List of utensils you must have in a kitchen

  1. Mixing Bowls

    These bowls are usually round in shape and now are available in plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, melamine, copper, and stoneware material. These can be used to make the dough, for preparing the batter and also to store food. These works both in food preparation and food storage. Although these bowls come without lid, you can cover them with clean or plastic wrap. Also, buy strainer, masher, greater and a set of knives to make your work easier in the kitchen.

  2. Cooking Utensil

    This includes vessels that are kept on the gas and in a microwave for cooking. The first in the list is a pressure cooker, they come handy to boil potatoes, cook rice, biryani, lentils and to cook beans such as kidney beans and chickpeas. The pressure cooker is available in 2 ltr, 3 ltr,  and 5 ltr capacity. They have heavy base coated with stainless steel and have a whistle that goes up when the pressure is built inside the cooker. These can be bought according to your choices such as cooktop based pressure cooker and induction based cooker.

  3. Kitchen Utensils – Frying Pan

    This is a flatbase pan with thickness and is used to saute food such as salmon or fritters made from boiled ingredient. Also, you can prepare curry for any recipe in it. It comes in small, medium and large size. There are available in two variants one is regular saucepan and another is nonstick. We suggest you buy nonstick as it consumes less oil which is good for health.

  4. Kitchen Utensils – Saucepan

    Prepare soup, lentil, or even gravy in this saucepan. Earlier, it had limited options to choose from but now it has a variety of colors to choose from. Also, you can buy gas-based, induction-based and microwave safe saucepan which is easy to use, clean and store.

  5. Wok

    Wok is used to prepare crispy or fried food such as noodles, fritters, Indian bread, and dessert. Made from iron this is utensil adds value to your health by incorporating iron and other minerals in food.

  6. Spoons

    There are two types of spoons one is cooking and other is serving. The cooking spoons include a ladle, fork, slotted spoon, tong, storage candy and a spatula. Each of them has predefined functions such as frying, stirring, folding and mixing. The second is serving spoon this comes in small, medium and large sizes.

  7. Dinner Set

    This comes in different sizes and includes everything that is needed such as dining plates, bowls, serving spoons, spoons, rice plate, quarter plate, small plate and serving bowls. In addition to this, buy bread plate, butter plate, and butter spoon to make life easy.

  8. Electrical Appliances

    Make your kitchen a stylish place by installing various appliances such as electric toaster, griller, ice cream maker, dishwasher, refrigerator, chimney, food processor and water purifier.  Installation of these things can make your life really easy. Those having an extra love for the kitchen can also have a waffle maker. You can bake cakes, cookies, and biscuits. Also, you can have a microwave oven in the kitchen with silicone moulds, cupcake moulds, and cake molds.

  9. Cleaning Wipes

    These wipes help you clean the platform and other stains surfaced due to spilling and breakage.

Be ready with your kitchen utensils as we will now learn quick recipes for breakfast.            These recipes will be for both vegetarians as well as for non-vegetarians. Till then set         your kitchen and stay happy.

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