Tips to Clean Water Bottle

Summers are here and almost everyone is planning to buy bottles for cold water storage. So, before you step out for shopping, let us share some more information about how to pick right water bottle.

1.Use virgin plastic

Virgin plastic is the original form of plastic which is recommendable for using to store edible products. The bottles made from this plastic is the first made product. Thus, it is safe to use them in everyday life.

2.Check the lid

Check the bottle’s lid to ensure no-water leakage. Also, check the bottle upside down and be assured of no-open pores. Take an overall look at the bottles before you buy. This safety measure prevents water leakage.

3.Determine the size

Choose bottles that can easily fit in your refrigerator. There are water bottles available in the market with different colors and shapes. These bottles are pretty to look and people buy them without checking the size. This mistake results in improper storage of bottles. Thus, buy water bottles considering the size of your fridge.

4.Pick easy to use

Nowadays, a variety of water bottle can be seen in the market. Some have sliding open cock while some offers push up buttons to open. These tricky bottle openers make the bottle slip from the hand sometimes. This results in damage to the water bottle. Thus, we suggest you buy easy to open water bottle.

5. Pick transparent water bottles

There are lots of opaque water bottles selling in the market. The buyers must not go for any of them. Because it might put your health in danger. Choose using transparent bottles, as you can figure out anything in the bottle. Sometimes, a dust particle goes in while filling the bottle or even while using. So, the transparent water bottles help us see through the bottle and keep us safe from falling ill.

Things to remember

The hot weather ask for regular intake of water. Thus, it is important to carry light weighted water bottles. Also, the use of the bottles made from food grade plastic keeps you healthy. Last but not the least, clean the bottles regularly.

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