Easy tricks to cure holi hangover

5 Best Blood Purifying Foods

Purify Blood Naturally…

Hey people, I was away from the blog due to some work commitments. I had a hectic schedule these days. While, working continuously, one thought that struck me was that my body was continually running, even when I felt tired? How can this happen? This was a big question and my brain gave me the answer within a second. That was ‘Blood’. Blood keeps the man alive. The proper flow of blood in the human body makes the person a healthy human. Thus, it is our responsibility to maintain the quality of blood running inside us.

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Food to Cure Snoring

Seven Amazing Foods to Cure Snoring To Sleep Without Noise

Hello people, hope you all must be doing well. Although its April month only, and the temperature has already begun to increase every day. Amm…scorching heat, dust and loads of work in office gives you sleepless night? No. actually its snoring that disturbs you while sleeping. So, what you do to get rid of it. Well, now you only need to eat right to keep the snoring problem away.

Healthy Foods to Cure Snoring


Include few drops of honey in routine diet and get rid of snoring problems. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey curbs snoring problem and allow you to sleep undisturbed. A spoonful of honey lowers the striving problem that causes snoring.

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