Five Essentials Tips To Keep Refrigerator Clean

Refrigerator – How to Keep it our of Odor

Step 1:

Switch off the fridge and unplug it before starting the cleaning process. Remove all the edibles from the refrigerator. This helps in cleaning the corners and cervices of the appliance.

Step 2:

Remove the racks and containers and soak them in the water diluted with washing powder. The racks must be washed after 5-10 minutes. This process removes tough stains. The regular cleaning of the refrigerator keeps the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables intact.

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Leafy Vegetables -Healthy secrets of Green

Leafy Vegetables -Healthy secrets of Green

Leafy Vegetables are not only food which is essential for living. But, also healthy eating habits are important than just eating. Human body work according to the food we eat. The healthier we eat, the healthier we will live. Enjoy the goodness of war vegetables and stay younger than age.

We intake vegetables in the form of curries and gravies. But, do you know rawness of the fresh vegetables is the best remedy on any disease. Also, the juicy extract of the roughly chopped veggies can keep you at the bay from several heart problems. Therefore, stop thinking and start eating fresh salads. As they keep you young at heart in all phases of the life.

Today, I have bought few secrets of the vegetables that will help you stay stronger than ever before.

Green Leafy Vegetables List

Drumstick Saujane ki fali
Drumstick is beneficial in cold and flu

Drumstick Flower

Drumstick is commonly referred as the saujane ki fali in the Northern India. This stick is grown largely in the Asian continent. The fresh green pulpy sticks are high on medicinal and nutritional values.

The flowers of drumsticks are white in color. You can include the sticks and the flower in the form of curries and gravy. Cooking method for this lush green leafy vegetable is similar to the cooking technique. Like you use to cook beans, asparagus and other green vegetables.

Medicinal values of Drumstick

Vitamin C in the drumsticks helps vanishing of cold & flu. The medicinal properties of this vegetable improves the working of the respiration system.

Drumsticks work as a natural blood purifier. This vegetable is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins. Enjoy the delicious recipes made of drumstick and drumstick flower for strengthening of the bones.

The anti-bacterial properties of drumstick reduce the risk of throat and chest infection. The anti-fungal quality keeps fungus infection away from the skin. The soup of drumstick is beneficial for the cancer patients. Also, the regular inclusion of drumstick soup reduces the risk of breast cancer in women by nearly 80 per cent.

Leafy Vegetables -Healthy secrets of Green
Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating

Green Leafy Vegetables

People dislike eating green leafy vegetables. This is surely not a good habit. The fresh green vegetables keep us healthy from inside. The family of green vegetables is a big one. This includes spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. There are other types of leafy vegetables such as kale, Bokchoy and asparagus.

Include the green leafy vegetables in your everyday diet and control the weight. These crunchy vegetables neither allow the body to put on extra fat nor let them burn large number of calories.  Leafy vegetables contain low calories. Hence, they manage the weight naturally.

Vegetable recipes you should never miss…

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Healthy Food Ingredients For Glowing Skin

Healthy Food Ingredients For Glowing Skin

Healthy Food is perfect way to keep you away from doctor. We all want to have a gorgeous looking skin. In the process of being beautiful people often try various cosmetics, make up and food supplements. Use of cosmetic products offer temporary glow. So, tired fresh fruits instead. Bite into delicious yet healthy fruits. And get a younger, glowing skin.

Have a market trip and have a bite of crunchy fruits and vegetables every day. Skin complexion depends lot on what we eat. Thus, you shall be careful about what you eat and how you eat.

Daily intake of fresh juices surely controls several health-related problems. The inclusion of some super foods can make you look sparkling like a diamond.

Right eating habits enhances the personality. Thus, gorge on the beautiful looking fruits and own a flawless skin.

Due to polluted environment, it causes maximum amount of the skin damage. But, now need not to hide your face with scarf to protect the skin from pollution.

Hence, I have bought a list of super foods that will make you look beautiful like a princess.

Healthy Food Ingredient – Olive Oil

Healthy Food Ingredient – Olive Oil

Olive in India is known as ‘Jaitun’ and is used for body massage and oiling of the hairs. Olive oil is derived from the pulp of the olive fruit. The fruit offers four variety of oils.

  1. Virgin Olive Oil– This variety contains low acids. Thus, people use this for the cooking purpose.
  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil– This oil is reduced from the cold shelved Olive fruit. Use of this oil is beneficial for the healthy growth of mind.
  1. Pure Olive Oil– This is the mixture of virgin and extra virgin olive oil. Hence it contains high level of acids. This oil is unsuitable for use.
  1. Lampante Oil – This oil is used only as fuel.

Olive oil has lots of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The properties of the fruit work as an anti-oxidant. The regular intake of olive or the olive oil prevents skin ageing, wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin A and E keeps the skin hydrated. This enhances the elasticity and softness of the skin.

Benefits of olive oil for Skin:

  1. Healing of crack heels
  2. Works as a lip scrub
  3. Moisturize skin

Healthy Food Ingredient – Dark Chocolate

Healthy Food Ingredients - Chocolate
Confiserie Coffee Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a favorite and popular sweet among kids, youth and old age people. But, have you ever noticed the benefits of biting in a dark chocolate every day. Dark chocolate help you get a glowing skin like never before.

The flavonoids and other antioxidant properties of the dark chocolate keeps the skin protected from radical damage. The cocoa properties of dark chocolate act as a protective shield against the harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Dark chocolate

Include a cube of dark chocolate in your routine diet and stay away from the harmful disease like skin cancer.Caffeine works as a detoxifying agent and keeps the skin moisture. Bitter tasting dark chocolate reduces the stress hormones. Lower level of stress reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Daily intake of chocolate makes the skin glowing.

The fiber and protein contents of the dark chocolate controls hungry and reduces the carving for sugar and sweets. Cocoa compound increases the blood level and draws oxygen in the body. This process makes you look young.

Nutritional Value of Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a super food for skin. Because it contains iron, zinc and  copper, these minerals help in generation of the cells. Also, it cures skin problems such as eczema.

Intake of Cocoa with probiotic reduces the inflammation in the digestive system. This grows healthy bacteria in the body which results in glowing and healthy skin.

Healthy Food Ingredient – Orange

Oranges and their peel brightens the skin
Oranges is a good source of Vitamin C

Orange is a citrus fruit. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C. A glass of fresh orange juice can work wonders for your skin.  Oranges not only offer vitamin c but it also lightens the skin complexion.

Benefits of Orange Peel

In fact, orange peel has lot more beneficial properties then the pulp. The citric acid in the peel reduces dark circles and blemishes from the skin. The fruit has lot of anti-oxidants which keeps the skin young. Use face pack made of dry orange peel and experience the lightening complexion than ever before. Cosmetics we use also contains orange peels. But, I would suggest to extract the goodness of orange peel directly rather than using any cosmetic products on skin.

The limonene compound found in the orange peel act as an protective shield against the harmful UV rays.

Healthy Food Ingredient – Water

Healthy Food Ingredients - Water
Water flush out the harmful toxins from body.

Since water is the lifeline of universe. Apart from hydrating, water has various properties that keeps the body healthy, fit and glowing. Human body contains water more than 50 per cent. The smooth functioning of the body depends on the amount of water we drink. The lesser water content results in dysfunctional problems of the vital parts of the body.

Water circulates the nutrients from the food in the body. This process is carried out through the lymphatic system. Stay away from the risk of constipation, asthma, and hypertension.

Fight with the signs of ageing by drinking three liters of water everyday. Because it keeps the skin hydrated and flush out the destructive toxins out of the body.

Healthy Food Ingredient – Almonds

Almonds remove dead cell from the skin
A handful of almonds every day is beneficial for skin

Almonds are the best nuts for the skin. Eat a handful of almonds every day or apply the paste or oil on the body. Regular massage of the almond oil decreases the dark circles under the eyes.

Furthermore, New born babies must have the massage of almond oil. This oil absorbs in the body and makes the skin glowing and healthy.These nuts are also beneficial for the removal of dead cells from the skin.