7 Extraordinary Food Hacks That Will Surprise You !

Food hacks

No boundaries are set for creativeness , isn’t it ? In culinary world, food hacks become unnoticed heroes. But here in this post get ready to be amazed to turn your kitchen into a stage for culinary magic.

Check out this interesting hacks with coffee.

Here are 7 tricks designed to elevate your food game.

Make bananas live a longer life

Food hacks for banana

Wrapping the end of the bunch in plastic wrap will help keep bananas fresher for longer. Even better, cut each banana apart. Both strategies prevent the fruit from ripening too quickly by preventing ethylene gases from escaping the stem.

Test if eggs are rotten

food hacks for egg

You can’t always determine if eggs have gone bad by using your nose alone. Put raw eggs gently in a dish of cold water to find out. It’s okay if an egg sinks to the bottom. If it is expired then it floats. What happens is that while the liquid inside gradually evaporates through the permeable shell a gas bubble remains inside eggs and causes it to float. When eggs get older the floatier it gets.

Remove excess fat or starch

Food hacks for starch

Using a paper towel or cheesecloth, wrap a few ice cubes. On top of the sauce, gently stir. Now Remove extra fat by spooning it out of soups and stews. The fat solidifies with the aid of the ice, making spoon pullout easier.

No need peeler to peel the potatoes

Food hack for potato

To quickly peel a potato, boil it for a few minutes and then plunge it into a tub of ice. This is a popular culinary process called blanching. Now, you may easily remove the peel by separating it from the creamy center of the potato.

DIY non sticking stainless steel pan

Stainless steel into non stick pan

Place the stainless steel vessel over medium to high heat for 2 to 3 minutes. When you add a drop of water to the pan, it creates an instant bead that rolls around the pan which means that the pan is ready. If the water drops sizzle, wait for some more time . When you see water as rolling beads, apply  oil, tilting the pan to cover the entire surface, and give it a minute to warm up. The stainless steel surface will now be perfect for cooking food without it sticking.

Stubborn food smell in oven

Remove food smell from oven

You can get rid of the unpleasant microwave odor that has been bothering you. No worries, here is a hack: apply dish soap to your cleaning cloth , heat it for a few minutes in the microwave, turn off and leave it for 20 minutes, come back to the cloth, and wipe down the microwave’s walls.

Bored of cutting vegetables every time?

Freeze vegetable juice

Cut the vegetables or juice only once, freeze it in ice cube trays, and keep it in the freezer. To make it easy to remove the veggies one at a time and add them to stews and sauces.

Woo hoo !! Clever food hacks are really interesting because it makes your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and stress-free. Do try this and let us know what was your favorite fun kitchen hack?

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