Corn Lollipops – Crispy, Spicy and Delicious

Important Facts About Corns

Corns are also known as maize and are widely grown in Mexico and also in the Asian continent.The interesting thing about these golden pearls is they a kind of grain but are categorized as a vegetable. The corns are the staple food of various countries part from rice and wheat. Hence, the world came to know various corn recipes, corn-based products, and soups.

So, here is one mouth-watering recipe made from corn especially for all the viewers.


  • 1/2 cup boiled sweet corns
  • 2 boiled potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 1 capsicum
  • 1 tablespoon ginger
  • 2 green chilies
  • salt to taste
  • grounded black pepper
  • 1 sprig of mint leaves
  • 1 spring of coriander leaves
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 bread slices
  • 1 tablespoon rice flour
  • 1 tablespoon besan/ gramflour/ garbanzo bean flour/chickpea flour
  • refined oil
  • Ice Cream Sticks/ Skewers



  1. Boil the sweet corn and potatoes separately. Now, turn the boiled corns into a colander and drain all water from the corns. Now, blend these corns in a blender but don’t churn it into a fine paste. as we want a rough texture in the lollipops.
  2. Now, take the coarse corns into a bowl and add the shredded potatoes that were boiled earlier.
  3. Now add chopped onion, chopped capsicum, chopped green chilies, some mint and coriander leaves. Also add chopped ginger, salt, black pepper powder and the lemon juice.
  4. Now take two bread slices and dip them in a water for a second. Here, is the tricky part. Hold and press the bread slice between the palms, this will keep the bread soft but will also remove the excess water that bread absorbed when it was dipped in the water. 
  5. Now add these bread to the corn mixture and add the rice flour. Also, add 1 tablespoon of gram flour.
  6. Now mix all the ingredients well as until it turns into a soft dough. Add some more rice flour if the dough is sticky.
  7. Cover the mixture with a clean foil and keep it to rest in the refrigerator for 10 minutes exact.
  8. Now remove the mixture and take an ice cream stick. Here it is important to grease your hands with refined oil.
  9. Now place an ice cream stick on your palm and pick a small portion of the corn mixture. Cover the stick with the mixture while leaving the stick open from both sides to hold the lollipop. You can also make use of skewers.
  10. Make multiple sticks ready and place a frying pan with 8 tablespoons of refined oil in it for pre-heating.
  11. Once the oil is hot, add these lollipops and fry them for five minutes or till their color changes to golden brown.
  12. Remove all the lollipops on an absorbent paper and serve them with coriander dip, tomato ketchup, mint-yogurt dip or any sauce of your choice.

Benefits of Corns

  1. Corns are high in nutritional value as they contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and lots of minerals.
  2. The grain is rich in fiber and keeps you protected from various digestion problems such as constipation, hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer.
  3. The phytochemicals of that corns contain prevents chronic diseases by a huge margin.
  4. Corns are low in fat and are high in calories. Thus, the inclusion of corn in the everyday diet will help to gain weight.
  5. The pregnant women must eat corns as they fulfill the need of folic acid to both mother and child.
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