Welcome Summers With Watermelon Granita


  • 1 medium-size Watermelon
  • 100 gms Sugar
  • Mint Leaves


Step 1

Peel the skin of the fruit & slice the fruit into pieces.

Step 2

Blend this fruit & mint in a jar.

Step 3

You can use ready to use sugar syrup, else make it fresh.

Step 4

Pour the juice into a bowl & add the sugar syrup in it.

Step 5

Place the bowl in the freezer for two hours.

Step 6

Deconstruct the frozen watermelon mixture.

Step 7

Place the chilled mocktail in a serving glass.

Step 8

Garnish with drink cubes & mint leaves.

Step 9

Serve chilled.


Start slicing the fruit from sides, this cutting style separates seeds from the fruit.

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