Layered Rice

Layered rice is layered with spinach puree and tomato paneer layering along with boiled rice and fried potatoes make this recipe full of nutritionals and health. As this recipe uses vegetables like spinach and tomatoes. Hope you like this layered rice recipe as you did like my previous recipe Sprouts Usal.


  • Two – Potatoes
  • Oil For Deep Frying
  • Two Cups – Rice(washed and socked)
  • 250 Grams – Spinach(boiled and pureed)
  • Three Tablespoons – Ghee
  • 5-6 – Black Cardamom Seeds
  • Half Inch – Cinnamon
  • Two Teaspoons – Cumin Seeds
  • One Tablespoon – Ginger-Garlic Paste
  • Two Tablespoons – Onion Paste
  • Three Cups – Tomato Puree
  • Half Teaspoon- Garam Masala
  • One Cup – Paneer(cubed)
  • Salt As Required
  • One Teaspoon – Sugar
  • One Fourth Cup – Milk


  1. Grate the potatoes and soak them in salty water.
  2. Drain excess water and deep fry them till golden brown.
  3. Drain on an kitchen towel.
  4. Boil the rice and drain water.
  5.  In a pan add one tablespoon ghee, cardamoms, half stick cinnamon, one teaspoon cumin seeds, and half tablespoon ginger-garlic paste.
  6. Saute them all for few seconds.
  7. Add two tablespoons of  onion paste and saute it till golden brown.
  8. Now add one cup tomato puree, garam masala a pinch and salt. And cook till it leaves on  the sides.
  9. Add the boiled and pureed spinach.
  10. Cook for twenty minutes on medium flame.
  11. In another pan  add one tablespoon ghee, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste.
  12. Add tomoto puree, salt and sugar. Cook till it leaves oil on the sides.
  13. Add milk and paneer cubes.
  14. Let it cook for two minutes on low flame.
  15. In a baking dish layered the boiled rice.
  16. Layer the cooked spinach. Then the rice again.
  17. Now layer the tomato paneer.
  18. Keep layering in this order till the baking dish is full.
  19. Add the fried potatoes and bake for 8 minutes at 150 degree C.
  20. Serve with a bowl of raita.


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