Dosa Recipes

Dosa Recipes – Different Dosas With Different Ingredient

Dosa Recipes is one of the most popular south Indian cuisine but almost all Indians like to eat dosas. Mostly it is made with rice and black gram, but here we made it with different ingredients to make it more tasty and of course nutritious. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous one Ragi Chocolate Cake. …

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fruit chaat

Fruit Chaat – Healthy Appetizer For Fruit Lovers

Fruit chaat is a way to take fruits that gives taste and health and become a favorite food with good reason. Specially for diet conscious and fitness freak people. Its a good source of energy without any extra fat. ABOUT For much of human history, fruits have been a favorite food, and with good reason. They are tasty , easy …

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Banana a basket of health benefits

Bulk benefits of banana

kela as it popularly known is found across the globe. This natural superfood is a part of almost every cuisine. Some people like banana in form of shake & desert, while some love to spice up the raw banana. Indians enjoy this eating this fruit in both forms. Down south, people enjoy banana wafers made from the fruit with the green color peel, while some like the taste of ripe banana in payassam.

We eat banana according to our taste & its appearance. But, have you ever thought about the nutritional value this fruit offers? If, not then today you must go through this article. Scroll down the article & know what more has to offer apart from its tempting taste.

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