green chilli curry

Green Chili Curry – Spicy And Tangy Chili Curry

Green Chilli Curry is a spicy tangy made with a milder variety of chili with Indian curry style. Hope you like this as you did like my previous recipe Chickpea soup. Ingredients:- Twelve – Green Chilies(not so hot species) One Tablespoon – Tamarind Pulp Two Cups – Water Half Teaspoon Each Of – Mustard, Novella Seeds, and Cumin Seeds. 8-10 –

Fish Kofta - Spicy Fish Balls With Coconut Milk And Spices

Fish Kofta – Spicy Fish Balls With Coconut Milk And Spices

Fish kofta is a non-veg version of stuffed kofta recipe using fish balls with some spices and coconut milk to enhance the flavour. Hope you like the recipe as you did like my previous recipe oats and kidney beans cutlet. Ingredients:- Two kg – Boneless Fish One Tablespoon – Ginger-Garlic Paste One Teaspoon – Coriander Powder One Teaspoon – Red

Chilli Fish

Chilli Fish

Chilli fish is easy to make snacks and full of flavours and aroma. I used here Rohu Species of Fish but you can use any fresh water  fish species. INGREDIENTS:- 500 grams – Boneless Fish Pieces Five Tablespoons – Cornflour 1 – Egg One and a half Tablespoons – Soy Sauce Half Teaspoon – Black Pepper Half Teaspoon – Ginger Paste

Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani

Fish are high in protein because they carry a massive bulk of muscle on a much more spindly skeleton than land animals do. Fish are consumed as food by many species, including human. Ingredients:- 500 grams – Boneless Fish pieces 4 cups – Basmati Rice 6 – Large Onions(Half sliced, Half paste) 4 – Green Chilli(split) One Large  Teaspoon –


Grilled Fish Kebabs is a forkful of fish is a goldmine of concentrated nutrients. The fats in fish are particularly high in polyunsaturates, which remain liquid even when chilled. INGREDIENTS:- 700 grams – white fish fillets One cup – red onion chopped One-third cup – olive oil Two tablespoons – finely chopped coriander Three tablespoons – lemon juice One tablespoon