Hibiscus skin hair care

Hibiscus Health & Beauty Benefits – Amazing Bebefits For Skin & Hair

Benefits Of Hibiscus For Hair Hibiscus, which is a common flowering plant, is known to have several benefits for skin and hair. In Hindi is called ‘गुड़हल’ Make your own hair oil at home. Trust me it’s more beneficial ingredients for our skin and hair. Take 500 ml virgin coconut oil, add 4-5 of the plant leaves. Put oil in dark …

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Cure Cancer

Tea Tree Oil is used as a beauty project from ages

Tea Tree Oil is a bundle of benefits for skin. This oil has stolen the limelight suddenly. But, still many people don’t know much about this ingredient.  I have bought the inside story of the famous oil just for you.

This ingredient has an Australian history. Yes, you heard it right.

Melalecua is the original name of this oil tree. The tree holds its root in the island country, which is fondly known as the nation down under. 100 years ago, the people availed huge medicinal benefits of this tree. Tea Tree Oil has the properties to heal wound, acne, fungi, and kills bacteria.

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