TicTok Pizza Toast | Hailey Bieber Style

This viral TikTok pizza toast has been super viral since Hailey Bieber posted it on her Instagram handle. This simple lunch/snack recipe is really easy to make and super fun to eat. I am not someone who tries Instagram quick-fix foods as they are not as authentic or taste-specific but, after watcher Hailey Bieber’s video, I decided to Gove it a try.

Dry Fruit Power Balls

Dry fruit power balls are healthy snacks for every age group. Nowadays, as the world is getting accustomed to fast food, it is important to take care of one’s health. These power balls are heatless recipes made from raw dry fruits. However, we are going to use a blender or more traditionally, a pestle and mortar to bind them. Despite being healthy, these power balls are quite delicious and calorie-friendly. These recipes are quick and also easy to make.

Oats Fritters – Tasty, Spicy Oats And Curry Dip

Oats Fritters is one of the delicious snack recipe to serve anytime as it is healthy for both kids and the young ones. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Summer Rolls. Oats Benefits :- One among healthiest grain on earth. High amount of soluble fibre. Lowers cholestrol level. Control diabetes. Nutrients of oats : …

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